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10 Easy Ways to Stay Productive if You are Unemployed

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10 Easy Ways to Stay Productive if You are Unemployed

When it comes to unemployment, the situation is tough. Still, life has to go on, and we must always be ready for things to come around. With that in mind, we will go over the easiest ways to stay productive, even if you are not currently working.

The thought of not having an income paired stepping out of your active routine doesn't help. That’s why it’s essential to keep a good spirit and do everything you can to keep your productivity at a high level. That way, you will be ready when things get better, and your overall condition won’t be affected.

As a short term lender specializing in providing loans on ei, we put together this list of 10 easy ways that Canadians can stay productive even while being unemployed.

1 - Make a schedule and stick to it

Of course, you can allow yourself a few days of resting and coming to terms with this new development, but don’t take too long. It’s crucial to stay active, and the best way to do it is by making a schedule.

It will be different from your previous busy routine, but you can still do many things to keep your body and mind alert. Start your day early, exercise, and set tasks every single day, even if it feels pointless at first.

2 - Look for a temp agency

With your previous job gone, it’s a good idea to try temporary jobs, even if they don’t provide you with the income and the professional satisfaction you need. It’s what everybody does during this challenging period, doing their best to adapt.

So, while you keep trying to get the job you need, please don’t neglect this temporary option; it will bring you some financial help and support you actively.

3 - Organize your finances

Since you have a lot of time available and the need to do something constructive, taking a closer look at your finances is a great idea. If you create a household budget and remove unnecessary expenses, not only will you stay busy, but also you will create a more efficient financial plan.

Many Canadians may have dispensable expenses, so it’s the right moment to rethink your financial strategy.

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Online loans can be used however you see fit.  There are no restrictions on how the funds can be spent, like there are with traditional car loans or mortgages. Rather, you can choose how to use them to help improve your financial situation.

4 - Working online

If temp jobs are hard to find, Canadians can earn an income by working online. You can do many jobs from home, look for those that fit your experience and skills. It may not be the job of your dreams, and the money may not be sufficient, but it’s still something. Not to mention you may discover you enjoy keeping busy with your new online job.

It’s also a great way to keep your mind occupied, and it will give you something productive to add to your daily schedule.

5 - House chores

Use this time when you’re between jobs to clean your home and organize everything thoroughly. This may not be the most fun activity, but it will keep you active, and you will see the results in no time.

Everyone has things that needed to be done around the house, but they never had the time or the mood to do it. You will be amazed at how many things you will notice and details you usually don’t pay attention to.

When the Canadian workforce will go back to work, they will have an organized home and a more pleasant environment. Plus, time passes easier when you have something to do.

6 - Exercising

Exercising is essential in general, and even more so during this period. It will help you keep your immunity strong, your mind balanced, and your body in great shape. Indeed, being unemployed means that you need to cut down expenses, like a gym membership. But that doesn’t mean you cannot work out.

There are countless ways to exercise, both indoors and outdoors, that don’t cost a thing, this being one of the ways to benefit from all the free time you suddenly have.

7 - Improve your skills or learn a new one

If you have something you learned how to do but never had the time to practice and get good at it, now’s the time to do it. A period of unemployment clearly shows us that skills and abilities are essential, and the more diverse they are, the more chances you have to find work, even temporarily.

It’s also a perfect moment to start an online course and learn a new skill; there are many free courses available; choose one that interests you.

While some online courses are free, some courses may have a cost involved. Should you need to finance these courses to learn a new skill, an alternative private lender can be a source of funding with quick instant online loans.

8 - Read

You may think of reading as more of a relaxing activity than a productive one, but the fact is it’s the best way to keep your mind active. It doesn’t matter what, just read! You can focus on staying informed; you can keep up with the news and learn things you didn’t have time for before. But try to also relax with a good fiction book, to keep a positive frame of mind.

9 - Sell things you no longer need

This is another excellent example of productive activity to do if you are not presently working. Once you organize everything, you are bound to find many things that are still in good condition but which you no longer need. By selling it online, your home will be less cluttered, and you can make quick cash.

10 - Relax and recharge

If you want to be as productive as possible, it’s essential to have relaxation moments; no one can function at continuous full speed. So, make sure that you also include relaxing activities in your schedule apart from the active tasks. You need to unwind and recharge your batteries, any way you consider fit.

Of course, the current conditions and the lack of an income will limit the possibilities, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find free ways to relax and entertain yourself. That way, you will have a better mental balance, and you will be ready to start the next morning again.

Why Is It Important to Stay Productive?

When you’re working, productivity is essential, for obvious reasons. You get more tasks completed in less time. But being productive is vital for your personal development and happiness, not just for work purposes. Once you get used to striving to be productive regardless of what activity you have, you will become a more positive person.

Setting goals and achieving them is important, and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Boredom can be a dangerous enemy while you are unemployed because it’s a slippery slope. Before you know it, you can end up in pyjamas all day, binge-watching a show you don’t even like. Instead, if you stay productive, your entire organism will benefit, starting with your mind.

How to Stay Productive All Day

Even if you are determined to stay productive all through the day, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be that easy all the time. When you are unemployed, you are missing an essential part of your daily activity, the one that took most hours, and it’s not easy to replace it. But there are things you can do to avoid falling into laziness and boredom.

Discipline is essential. An element in keeping up productivity throughout the day is identifying the distracting details and avoiding them. Log out of your social media accounts, don’t keep your TV on, and remove anything that will prevent you from staying focused on what you do. Indeed, your mind may still go to different memories or thoughts utterly different from the activity you are trying to perform; it’s normal. But with a bit of effort and concentration, you can get back on track.

How Can I Make Myself more Productive?

Most people think that making checklists and drinking way more coffee than they should is the recipe for completing all the tasks. But it also adds an element of stress and pressure to your day. The fact is knowing you had a productive day fills you with satisfaction, but it’s essential to get there without exhausting yourself. How? By introducing a few useful habits into your daily routine.

Here is what you can do to increase your productivity:

1. Don’t add too many tasks to the list. It’s not all about quantity. If you plan to do too many things and end up not having enough time and energy to complete them all. Only add relevant and more urgent tasks and take care of each one without pressure.

2. Don’t forget to take breaks. This is crucial because you cannot be productive if you don’t stop now and then take a moment to stretch your body and think about something else.

3. Focus on the tasks and activities that produce the most significant results. Often, our schedule is overcrowded with less important things that take up much time. If you identify the essential ones and do them first, you will maximize your productivity.

4. Don’t jump right into work and stress yourself first thing in the morning; it’s not the right way to start your day. Instead, open the window, breathe the fresh air, do some light stretching exercises, and enjoy your coffee and breakfast.

5. Ensure you take care of the most important tasks during the first part of the day while still full of energy and concentrate more easily. After lunch, stick to the ones that don’t require that much concentration.

6. Take it one task at a time. Multitasking may sound impressive, but it’s not the right way of managing your time and energy. You cannot do more things well at the same time. And no one will care you have been joggling many activities; they will most likely be interested in the results.

How Can I be more Productive at Work?

Even if you plan your day with attention to details, many things can slow you down or cause you to lose your concentration and efficiency. From calls and emails interrupting you to procrastination and getting bored, we’ve all been there. What you need to overcome these challenges is adding structure and stimulants to your workday.

A list of distracting thoughts can help. That means that whenever you are in the middle of an important task and other things you need to handle until the end of the day come to your mind, write them on the list and get back to work. If you stop and try to take care of every idea that pops into your mind, you will lose your concentration and get side-tracked.

Another helpful strategy for increasing your work productivity is to break each project into smaller parts, making it easier to handle. At the same time, make sure you improve the way you communicate with others. Many times, inefficient communication makes you waste a lot of time and energy without any significant results.

Is it Possible to be Productive All the Time?

Being productive during working hours is essential, and we have covered how you can improve your work results and manage your time and energy better. But that doesn’t mean you have to be productive all the time. We are not robots, so it’s not possible, nor is it something you should aspire to.

If you don’t also rest, both your body and your mind, you can end up burning yourself out. Not only will you stop being productive, but you will also be placing your health at risk. You shouldn’t try to be productive around the clock, nobody expects that from you, and it’s not even possible. Balance is the key, both to productivity and a healthy and accomplished life.

Unemployment is a challenging experience, but it doesn’t mean you should put your life on hold. Apart from making efforts to get another job, it’s essential to keep a positive attitude and be active every day.

Productivity is vital in your daily routine, no matter how trivial your tasks are for a while. By keeping active and alert, you train yourself to stay in shape, both physically and mentally.