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canada holidays Jun 29, 2022

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

Summer is here! And with it comes Canada Day, a day to celebrate this great country we call home. Canada is filled with historical landmarks, natural beauty, and diverse culture. From coast to coast to coast, there is so much to explore!

No matter where you're located (even if you’re a Canadian abroad), it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside, enjoy the warm weather, and celebrate with family and friends. And, we think this year is going to be one of the best celebrations to date.

Why? The last two years were filled with pandemic uncertainty and closures nationwide. It certainly put a damper on festivities to say the least. But, this year feels different. We are cautiously optimistic and ready to enjoy Canada’s 155th birthday!

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10 Canada Day Celebration Ideas

Now, let's explore some fun Canada Day activities you can do to make the most of the holiday. Whether you're looking for Canada Day events near you or ways to celebrate at home, we've got you covered.

Attend a Canada Day Parade

Perhaps one of the most popular things to do on Canada Day is to attend a Canada Day parade. It’s really a great way to get into the patriotic spirit and have fun doing it. Canada Day parades are usually large scale events that take over city streets.

So, if you're in the mood for some Canada Day fun, head downtown and check out all the floats, music, and performers as they make their way through the streets. Even if there aren't any formal parade events near you, many small towns and villages usually have community festivities that you can take part in.

Visit a Canada Day Fireworks Show

Nothing says celebrate like a good ol' fashion fireworks show. Canada Day fireworks are a tradition in many communities across the country. The vibrant colours lighting up the night sky is a spectacular sight to behold!

If you're lucky enough to live near a large city, you'll likely have several Canada Day fireworks shows to choose from. But, even if you don't live in a big city, many small towns put on their own impressive fireworks displays. Canada Day fireworks are usually free and open to the public and they're a great activity if you're looking for something to do that doesn't cost a lot of money.

If you feel like staying in, you don't have to miss out. You can always tune into the Commission's Canada Day Fireworks show as it lights up the skies over the Ottawa River. Most Canadian news stations will be airing the event live, so you can watch and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Attend a Concert

Looking to add some musical flair to your Canada Day celebration? The country is home to many talented musicians and there's certainly no shortage of Canada Day concerts to choose from.

Whether you're into rock, pop, country, or anything in between, you're sure to find a concert that's perfect for you. Many Canada Day concerts are free and open to the public, which means they're a great activity if you're on a budget.

Make Your Workplace Canada Themed

Since Canada Day is a national holiday, most people will have the day off from work. But, for many service workers or those in the hospitality industry, Canada Day is just another day on the job.

If you have to work this year, try to make the most of it. Many businesses will decorate their workplaces with Canada-themed decorations. And, some employees may even bring in Canada Day-themed treats (red and white cupcakes, anyone?). We know it's not the same as having the day off, but it can certainly help make your workday a little more patriotic.


Why give back to your community and the people who make up this lovely country? There are usually many Canada Day-themed volunteering opportunities available, such as helping to decorate your town or city in preparation for the holiday or working at a Canada Day event.

Not only is volunteering a great way to show your patriotism, but it's also a nice way to meet new people and make a difference in your community. Plus, there's a good chance you'll have plenty of fun while doing it.

Go Camping

As we mentioned above, Canada is home to many scenic spots. It's a country filled with beautiful lakes, mountains, and forests. So, if you're looking for a Canada Day activity that lets you get back to nature, camping is a great option. You could even visit a National Park, which is one of the best ways to learn more about Canada's history and natural wonders.

Or, if you'd rather stay close to home, you could always pitch a tent in your backyard and invite over some friends. Whatever your plan may be, it's the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy all the great landscapes this country has to offer.

Host an Outdoor BBQ

BBQs and summertime go hand-in-hand. So, if you're looking for a Canada Day activity that's both tasty and fun, why not host your own BBQ? You could invite your friends and family over for a Canada Day feast. Or, you could make it a potluck style BBQ and have everyone bring their favourite Canadian themed dish. Whatever you decide, it's sure to be a delicious way to celebrate Canada's birthday.

If you're looking for some great Canada Day BBQ food ideas, here are a few we love:

  • Poutine: This classic Canadian dish is always a hit at BBQs. If you're not familiar with poutine, it's a dish that consists of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. What 's not to love?
  • Maple Glazed Ribs: No BBQ is complete without some juicy ribs. And, if you're looking for a Canadian twist on this BBQ classic, try Maple Glazing your ribs with some maple syrup.
  • Baked Beans: Another Canada Day BBQ staple. These beans are usually made with bacon, which makes them extra delicious.
  • Burgers: Nothing says BBQ like burgers! Plus, you could get creative with your burger toppings and add some Canada Day flair (bacon, anyone?).
  • Corn on the Cob: Corn on the cob is a summertime favourite - and, it's super easy to make! Just throw them on the grill and enjoy.
  • Patriotic Kabobs: For a healthy Canada Day BBQ option, try making some patriotic kabobs. Alternate red and white fruits and vegetables (strawberries, bananas, mozzarella balls, etc.) on skewers. Not only are they healthy, but they're also quite festive.
  • Canada Day Cake: This is a classic way to enjoy the day - and it's the perfect way to finish off your Canada Day feast. You could make a traditional Canadian flag cake or get creative and come up with your own red and white themed cake design.

Go Boating

Much like camping, boating is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the country's beautiful lakes and waterways. Plus, it's a great way to beat the heat, which usually comes in full force during the month of July.

Whether you're cruising around in a pontoon boat, canoeing or doing some wakeboarding behind a speedboat, make sure to enjoy Canada Day on the water. If you don't have a boat of your own, not to worry. There are many rental options available. You can usually find boat rentals at most lakes and waterways.

Attend an Amusement Park

Thrillseekers, rejoice! We've got the perfect Canada Day activity for you - visiting an amusement park. Canada's Wonderland, in Vaughan, Ontario, is Canada's largest amusement park. And, it just so happens to be open on Canada Day. So, if you're looking for a fun-filled day of rides and roller coasters, this is the place to be.

Don't live in the GTA? There are other smaller amusement parks and carnivals happening all across the country. No matter where you are, there's sure to be an amusement park or carnival nearby.

Visit a Historical Museum

Can't beat the heat? You can always cool off in an air-conditioned museum. Plus, it's a great way to learn more about Canada's rich history and culture. Canada is home to many world-renowned museums, such as the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec.

If you decide to go on Canada Day, you may be lucky to have hit a museum that offers free admission. It's a common practice for museums to offer free or reduced admission on special occasions, such as Canada Day. This gives you the perfect opportunity to check out some of Canada's most popular museums - without breaking the bank!

Make This Canada Day One to Remember

Canada Day only comes around once a year, so make sure to take advantage of all the fun activities and events happening in your city or town. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you're spending it with your friends and family. It's the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with the people you love. So, get out there and enjoy everything this great country has to offer by checking one of the above activities off your Canada Day bucket list!

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