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The holidays are creeping up on us faster than you can say ho ho ho! If you are anything like me, you “started” your gift shopping a while ago but slowly staggered down because you ran out of great ideas. I feel ya! But don’t despair, iCASH has got you covered!

We have toiled and researched to come up with a list of unique and thoughtful gift suggestions for absolutely EVERYONE on your list! From your grandmother to your spouse, from your child’s teacher to the office exchange party, we have got you covered when it comes to great gift ideas! So sit back, grab a glass of eggnog, and peruse the hottest holiday gifts for 2018!

Today's post will be full of great ideas for the men in your life, the women in your life, the kids on your list, and last but not least, your dear fur babies!


Men are often the most difficult people to buy for! Buying a gift for a man, even a man that you know extremely well such as your spouse, is a difficult and daunting task. Finding that perfect “wow” gift is a ton of pressure! The first step to nailing down the right gift is to take a minute and think about what kind of man you are buying for. What are his hobbies? His likes? His dislikes? Is he a beer lover? A video-game player? A sports fanatic? A coffee connoisseur? Knowing where his passions lie is key in finding a great present!
• BBQ LOVER: Is your beau a lover of BBQ and hot sauce? Check out this “hot” (pardon the pun) hot sauce sampler set by The Good Hurt Fuego. Plus, it comes already put together in a totally gift-ready way!
• MODERN MAN: This Jack Black gift set is perfect for the modern man in your life who loves taking care of his face and skin. Good skin care is no longer just a woman’s game!
• ACTIVE MAN: For the man who loves working out, staying in shape, and maintain a high activity level, why not grab him the latest in Fitbit technology. Smart technology is a must-have for anyone looking to track activity levels in this day and age!
• FOR THE TECHIE: Alexa, can you please play me some music? Alexa, what is the weather today? Alexa, can you fill me in on today’s news? That’s right – no techie is complete without technology to handle just about everything you can think of! There are many different options available but the Amazon Echo Plus remains a popular choice.


Classic gifts such as jewelry, beauty care, or chocolates are classics for a reason: women love them. But if those gifts have been your go-to for the past few years, it might be time to change to something a little more out-of-the-box. Here are the latest, hottest gifts of 2018:
• THE HEALTHY WOMAN: Is she concerned about drinking enough water? Is she in love with her Fitbit? Check out this incredible must-have for anyone looking to get and stay healthy! The “smart” Hidrate Spark water bottle that syncs with your smartphone, monitors your water intake, and reminds you to hydrate!
• FOR THE “GOOD WITCH” IN YOUR LIFE: Do you know someone interested in astrology and magic? Get her a cute little book for clearing negative energy, protecting your space and harnessing her inner power: Protective Spells.
• WINE LOVER: Why not opt for a local wine tasting class? If this is a gift for your wife, buy a wine tasting course for 2 and turn it into a couple’s thing (points for romance!).


We have assembled a list of the hottest toys in 2018 per age group, but we would still advise that your best bet when buying for a child is to check the child’s likes and dislikes. Just because a toy is currently “hot” does not mean it is right for the child in question!
• UNDER 3 YEARS OF AGE: Learning blocks are always such a great gift, for several reasons. Firstly, no matter the age, blocks are entertaining and great fun. Secondly, the skills that are subtly being taught are simply priceless! Check out this WEDGiTS 15 Piece Starter Imagination Set!
• UNDER 5 YEARS OF AGE: Have your child stretch his/her creativity to the max with this hot, new, super-soft modelling compound that molds and builds incredibly easily. Mad Mattrr 10oz Quantum Packs!
• UNDER 10 YEARS OF AGE: For the builder in every child! In this fun, interactive game, the classic Jenga meets the trendy Pokemon as you try to build and create new and interesting beasts without knocking the beast tower down! In a fun mixture of technology and classic gaming, it is no wonder this game has risen to the top of the hottest toys list for 2018: Beasts of Balance Stacking Game.
• FOR TEENS: It’s hard to get teens off of their video games and devices these days. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? Check out Kano, with their line of online games and gift boxes designed to get your tech teen to get a jump start on useful knowledge such as coding! One of the hot ticket items for 2018 is just a click away!


Fur babies are just as much a part of the family as anyone! So, have you found some cute pet gift ideas? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the topic! We are always open to new and unique ideas. But here are the hottest pet gift ideas for 2018:
• DNA TEST: No, this isn’t a Maury Povitch special! But, as interesting as it is to know our own DNA, figuring out where you pup came from is as interesting as it gets! Check out this DNA test aimed to help you climb the genetic tree of your furry pal: EMBARK Dog DNA test.
• LASER CATS: No, we didn’t forget our cat friends! And what cat doesn’t love a good laser… This Multi-Laser Interactive Laser Cat Toy is not only safe, but allows for hours of inspired laser fun for your furry friend!