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halloween Oct 19, 2020


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With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what the heck we are going to do about it! Just because the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to rethink trick-or-treating this year doesn't mean we can't find a way to have an epically spooky Halloween 2020!

Obviously, your typical Halloween party is out of the question (for obvious reasons!) But what, exactly, IS in question? While adhering to government health and safety regulations, what can we possibly do to have a frightfully delightful Halloween?

iCASH has come up with the top 5 ways to celebrate Halloween this year, all while respecting social distancing! Check it out, and then tell us what your plans are to make Halloween exciting and fun this year!



What is the absolute best thing about Halloween? Dressing up in costume, of course! (with "getting candy" a very close second!) Without costumes, would it even be Halloween? Just because we cannot have haunted house parties doesn't mean we can't get all dressed up and have some fun!

Why not organize a virtual dress-up party? Get some of your friends together and organize a night of costumed fun! You can even spice it up by adding a "Best Costume" competition and send out a virtual gift card as a prize!

And if the kiddies are itching to dress up like their favorite superhero, Disney princess, or monster, why not help them organize a virtual Halloween party with their friends? Just because they can't head out and trick-or-treat, doesn't mean they should forego the dress up part of this holiday altogether!

Let them get creative and make some scary virtual invitations. Help them to make "Best costume" certificates to send out to the winner. It's a great way to keep the Halloween spirit alive and keep the kids socially active with their friends!

Go on and get creative and spooky!


The second-best thing about Halloween is the candy. And I know that children across the country will be quite disappointed to learn that there will be no trick-or-treating this year (although dentists worldwide may be rejoicing!).

But just because we can't go door-to-door does not mean that this year's Halloween should be a sad, candy-less event! This is our opportunity to get a little creative! There is a myriad of cool ways to spread the candy love right in your backyard!

One creative idea would be to have a scavenger candy hunt throughout your backyard or even within your home. Much like at Easter, a "hunt" to find treats is a great way for kids to have fun and stay engaged all at the same time! Hiding the candy really puts the "trick" in trick-or-treat! Haha!

Another cool option is to hang glow-in-the-dark, candy-filled plastic eggs throughout your home and then have your kids hunt for them in the dark! Your local dollar store usually carries plastic eggs, and then you can simply fill them with your child's favorite candy, and voila!


Much like the virtual costume party, hosting a pumpkin carving contest with your friends and family (virtually, of course) could be a fun way to celebrate the season!

Some people are able to get extremely creative and original with their pumpkin art. Hosting these styles of online, virtual parties is a great way to remain connected during this pandemic. It gives us fun activities to look forward to and keeps us social, even if at a distance!

Plus, after the pumpkin carving contest, you can use the scooped-out seeds to roast for a healthy and delicious Halloween snack! (see below for the Halloween Movie Marathon when these snacks will most definitely come in handy!)


Many towns and cities across the country are doing their best to organize spooktacular sights and attractions to compensate for the lack of Halloween festivities.

Many towns have put a lot of time and effort into frightful decorations throughout the city. A quick search on your city's Facebook page or website should provide you with insight into what attractions may be available in your area.

It is the perfect time to take a walk or a drive around your local town while adhering to your local government's health and safety regulations, of course, to check out the amazing attractions. And hey! Why not get all costumed up while you are at it! Get that Halloween-y spirit going and get into the spooky mood!


The Halloween season has tons of wonderful "Halloween" themed movies that are best viewed while cozying up on the couch, with some roasted pumpkin seeds and hot cocoa!

You can opt for a snuggle-on-the-couch session with your small family bubble, or go for something on a larger scale and organize a NetflixParty with a group of friends.

Anything from the kid-friendly Charlie Brown classic to the scarier Halloween horror movie series, there is something for everyone, no matter what kind of marathon you choose to organize. Get some Halloween candy and some spooky snacks, and let the festivities begin!

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year. And the pandemic can't take that away from us! COVID-19 might be forcing us to alter our traditional habits, but it can't take the spookiness from our hearts! The key to an epic Halloween season is just a dash of ingenuity, a sprinkle of effort, and a healthy dose of Halloween passion!

iCASH looks forward to seeing all of your costumes in our amazing upcoming Halloween contest! Follow our Facebook or Instagram pages for all the details!