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saving money Dec 14, 2021

6 Ways To Save On Gas In Canada

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6 Ways To Save On Gas In Canada

As exciting as it is to explore the open Canadian roads, it certainly comes at a cost. With higher gas prices continuing to soar in many parts of the country, driving for leisure has become a less common pastime. Now, more and more people are looking for ways to conserve fuel and spend less at the pump.

How to Save Money on Gas in Canada

Driving can be costly, but it doesn't have to drain your bank account. There are many ways for saving money on gas despite high gas prices, and even if you can't cut your costs entirely, there's still plenty of wiggle room to save money.

1. Using Technology to Save on Gas

Technology has come a long way in helping us in many aspects of life - and that includes helping us save money on gas. There are now several apps and websites that can help you find the best prices on gas in your area that track Canada gas prices. In addition, some apps are specifically designed to help you optimize your driving for fuel-efficiency.

Gas Tracking Apps For Canadians

Gas tracking apps are just one of the many tricks that Canadian drivers can use to stay on track of their monthly budget. As an added convenience, these apps give you the ability to work with your vehicles' computer systems, so everything is done entirely hands-free.

When it comes to knowing what the best gas tracking apps are, we’ve highlighted a few high-rated favourtites.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is a gas price tracking app that allows you to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. The app also includes a loyalty program that rewards users for reporting gas prices. Customers can earn rewards that are redeemable for gift cards at places like Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, and Home Depot. What’s better than saving money on gas and earning rewards for simply sharing information with the app?


Many people find the Waze app to be quite helpful for finding new routes, but did you know it can also help you save on gas?  When it comes to saving gas, the app will tell you how far your car will go with the gas you have in it and how much gas stations cost along your route. It can also help you avoid traffic jams, which often results in extended periods of time where your car is idling.

Another way that Waze can help you save money is by tracking how much you spend on gas each month. When you set up an account, the app tracks how much money you have spent on gas since you started using it, allowing you to better plan your budget.


If you're a member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), you can use the CAA app on your smartphone to search for and compare prices at local gas stations, so that you can find the best rate at the best time. The app also includes a map of CAA-approved gas stations, as well as an interactive trip planner.

3. Save Money By Driving Smarter

Every Canadian has a different way of how they drive on the road. The way you drive on the highways, how you accelerate the gas pedal, and how you brake can all make an impact on how much gas you use. Smart driving can hugely impact how much gas you conserve over time, and the following tips are a great foundation to start with when learning to be a more fuel-efficient driver.

  • Don't drive aggressively: When you're driving aggressively, not only are you putting yourself and others in danger, but you're also using more gas than you need to be.
  • Accelerate slowly: When you accelerate quickly, your car has to work harder to get up to speed and this uses more fuel.
  • Stay within the speed limit: Driving the speed limit is not only safer, but it can also help you save on gas. When you drive over the speed limit, your car uses more fuel to maintain the increased speed.
  • Don't brake suddenly: If you brake too quickly, it takes more energy and fuel to get your car going again. Try to anticipate stops ahead of time and apply the brakes gradually.
  • Reduce idle time: When you're not driving, turn off your car. The less time your car is idle, the more money you save on gas.
  • Use cruise control: When you're driving on the highway, using cruise control can help you maintain a consistent speed and conserve more gas.

4. Maintain Your Car Regularly

To improve your car's fuel efficiency, it's important to keep it regularly maintained. This includes checking the air pressure in your tires, getting routine oil changes, keeping your engine in good condition, and making sure your car is properly tuned up.

It's also important to be aware of how you're carrying cargo i.e. removing racks or extra carrying devices that aren't being used. The more weight your car has to carry, the more it will affect how much gas you use. If your car is weighed down with heavy cargo, it's best to remove some items or seek an alternate route.

This doesn't mean that every time you go for a drive, you need to unpack your trunk to save on gas, but it does mean that if you are planning a trip that will involve extra cargo, you should plan how much gas you'll use so you can properly budget to avoid overspending.

5. Buy A More Fuel-Efficient Car

Choosing a more fuel-efficient vehicle can reduce your gasoline costs by hundreds of dollars per year, which can make a huge difference over time.

The best way to tell how fuel-efficient a car is, is how much it costs per kilometer to run. The lower the number, the better for your wallet. Here are some other things to consider when buying a new vehicle that's fuel-efficient:

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are a great option for those who are looking for a fuel-efficient car, as they use both gasoline and electric power.

Generally, they cost less in the long run because they're more energy-efficient. Even though hybrid cars tend to be a bit more expensive initially, you can save money in the long term by avoiding fuel expenses and reducing how often you need to get your oil changed.

Electric Cars

Electric cars run on battery power and are becoming more popular each year. While the initial cost of an electric car may be higher than that of a traditional gas car, you can save money over time by avoiding fuel expenses. Electric cars also produce zero emissions, which is great for the environment.

Compact Cars

Compact cars are a great option for those who are looking to save more on gas over time, as they tend to use less gas than larger vehicles. They're also great for city driving, as they're easy to park and navigate through tight spaces.

6. Drive Less

It might sound obvious, but the best way to save money on gas is to drive less (if possible). If you can, try to walk, bike, or take public transportation instead of driving. If this isn't an option, try to consolidate your errands into one trip instead of making multiple trips. You'd be surprised how much this can save you in the long run.

7. Fuel Up Early in The Week To Avoid High Gas Prices

One of the best ways to reduce gas prices is to avoid higher gas prices. You can do that by filling up early in the week when fuel prices are often lower. Fuel prices tend to rise on Thursdays as the weekend approaches, so fill up before that if you can. It's also best to fill up at a gas station early in the morning or late at night, since gasoline is denser when it's cooler, allowing you to get more for the same amount of money.

Follow These Tips to Become A Gas Saving Canadian

As a Canadian driver, it's important to be aware of how you can save money on gas whenever possible. By following these tips, you'll be able to reduce how much gasoline you use and in turn how much it costs per kilometer to drive. These tips are easy to follow and can make a big difference in your budget and overall spending.

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