Alex Charbonneau

Alex Charbonneau hands-on approach to financial planning, investments, and leadership won him the respect of many. Alex is a trustworthy individual & someone that many in Canada aspire to work with.

Feb 20, 2020 Alex Charbonneau
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Feb 12, 2020 Alex Charbonneau
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PAYDAY LOANS AND CREDIT REPORT One of the most common concerns that people have... Read more

Press Jan 10, 2020 Alex Charbonneau
For far too long now (For 60 years to be exact.) people all over Canada. – have found themselves in need... Read more

Press Nov 30, 2019 Alex Charbonneau
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Credit in Canada ranges from 300 (when you are just getting started) to 900, which is as good as it can get. Those with great credit scores will have an easier time borrowing money.... Read more

Oct 02, 2019 Alex Charbonneau
Budget planning can help you track your spending with greater efficiency and even help you reach long-term goals. The benefits to using a budget can include saving money for the things that are more important, like retirement.... Read more

Press Sep 28, 2019 Alex Charbonneau
Before you fill out an application, ensure you are dealing with a direct lender by certifying they are the ones who provide you with a loan... Read more