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Oct 10, 2021


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We’ve barely put away the turkey platters and pumpkin pie plates and it is already time to gear up for Halloween! And while Halloween is, undeniably, the spookiest, eeriest, quirkiest time of the year, it is also surprisingly expensive! Between the kids’ costumes purchases, the candy and chocolate for the trick-or-treaters, and all those creepy, ghoulish decorations, your budget might be taking a pretty hefty hit.

Our team at iCASH has put together a trendy list of budget-friendly costumes that go beyond the typical “sheet with two holes” ghost costume. You don’t need to spend a fortune to win your workplace “Best Costume” award or make a splash at your friend’s Halloween Party!

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It’s as they say, a true classic never goes out of style. And that expression definitely holds true for these costume suggestions. Not only are they budget-friendly and easy-to-do, but they are also easily recognizable and, dare we say, iconic!

Sandy from Grease: Who doesn’t love this iconic character from such a beloved movie! And it is perfectly easy to pull off using wardrobe staples that almost everyone already owns: black leggings, black top, black motorcycle jacket, and red heels. If these items aren’t in your closet already, ask around and see if you can borrow them from friends.

Mickey and/or Minnie Mouse: Mickey and Minnie are so classic they are perfect as stand alone costumes or, put them together for a brilliant couples costume idea! For Mickey: don a black shirt and white gloves. Then glue some white felt circles onto red shorts and see if you can find or borrow some yellow shoes. Next, grab an easy-to-find “Mickey ears” headband at your local Halloween store and voila! For Minnie: layer a black, long-sleeved shirt under a red or pink dress (bonus if you can find one with white polka-dots). Then wear white gloves and buy a Minnie Mouse headband at your local costume store. What an amazing, easy-on-the-wallet costume!

Mary Poppins: Grab a spoon full of sugar and a black umbrella and you are halfway there! The main items for this costume would be a white, button-down blouse, black skirt and black tights. Ask around if you can borrow a black bowler hat to accessorize the look and you would be “practically perfect in every way!”


Halloween is a time for quirkiness and originality. And these costumes definitely deliver on those two fronts! Check out these costumes that are sure to be unique and will definitely impress your fellow dressed up Halloween-goers.

Rain Cloud: This one is such a cute idea! It works for just about anyone, young and young-at-heart alike. You do, however, need some *slight* crafting skills. Simply take an umbrella and cover it with big, fluffy cotton balls. Next, cut out some “rain drop” shapes from blue construction paper and attach them to the umbrella at varying lengths using transparent wire or string. Dress in rubber boots and a raincoat and you are all set!

Grapes: Head over to the dollar store and grab a couple of bags of green or purple coloured balloons. Blow them up, approximately the same size each, and attach them to an all-black outfit. As a finishing touch, put some leaves in your hair with a small stem popping up!

The Mona Lisa: Have you ever dreamt of being immortalized as a work of art? Then this costume is for you! Simply print a large reproduction copy of the famous da Vinci painting currently gracing the walls of the Louvre, and place it into an ornate frame. Then cut out just the face (the hole should be big enough for your face) and walk around with your face as the Mona Lisa. Just make sure to practice your “smile” before Halloween!

50 Shades of Grey: If you are looking for a costume that requires zero effort and zero dollars, then you have found your dream costume! Head over to a local paint store and pick up a bunch of paint swatch papers - but only the GREY ones! Make sure you have at least 50 varying shades of grey and then simply tape them to the front of your shirt. Costume done in literally 5 seconds (plus the trip to the paint store!)


Who doesn’t love a good pun or a witty play on words?

“CEREAL” Killer: Hahaha! Get it? This costume is simple yet amazingly quirky! All you need is black top and black pants. Then you can simply glue miniature cereal boxes all over your outfit. That takes care of the “cereal” part of the costume, now for the “killer”. Simply grab a plastic sword or knife at your local Halloween store and your Cereal Killer costume is complete!

Ceiling Fans: Another punny costume to the rescue! Simply buy or borrow some cheerleading pom-poms and write the word “CEILING” on a few triangle pennant flags. Wave them around and see how many people can figure out your costume!

Smart Cookie: Ha! Gotta love these pun costumes! This one is put together by asking around to borrow a graduation cap and gown and taping some chocolate chip cookie printouts all over the front of the gown. This one would make even Cookie Monster jealous!

Hawaiian Punch: Got an old Hawaiian shirt laying around? For this costume, simply grab some khaki shorts, button up your Hawaiian shirt and head to the dollar store to buy a lei. Then ask around to borrow some boxing gloves and you are all set to “wow” your fellow Halloween-goers and see how many of them can guess your costume!

These costumes are all very different in style, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are simple to make and easy on the wallet! Halloween is supposed to be a frivolous time for laughter and fun. If you find yourself struggling with finances at this time of the year, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at