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covid19holiday Dec 16, 2020

Celebrating The Holidays During COVID

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Celebrating The Holidays During COVID

It’s now the holiday season, and with that comes all the treats unique to this time of year. This year will be different, though, as we’re all being cautious of a second COVID-19 wave.

Our traditions don’t have to change, but we may have to adjust to the year we’re living in. Hopefully, this advice will help you make the most of your holidays while staying safe.

See the Family

Of the many things we’ve all learned this year, one is how easy it is to connect with your friends and family, even if you can’t see them in person. We may not be holding big family get-togethers, but we can still see our loved ones.

In the chaos of the holidays, it can be easy to forget things. Try planning in advance when you can catch up with the relatives. This may even make for a great opportunity to get some more personal time with your favorite family members.

Rather than trying to catch up with everyone in one night at a large gathering, you can space out your time and see different loved ones each night. Or, if you like big groups, you can plan a virtual movie night for the whole family and your favorite holiday movie!


Give Gifts

There’s going to be a lot less in-person shopping this year. Of course, there’s plenty of online stores, big and small; however, this might be a great time to find some smaller shops that support artists who can make customizable gifts. You can also support smaller businesses by shopping at them early, which will help them get through the tougher, post holiday months!

This could also be an opportunity to not stress out too much about gift-giving. We all love presents, but it’s not the same when you can’t wrap them and give them directly. For the friends and family, you won’t see in person this year, you can discuss holding off on gift exchanges for when you will see each other next. This could leave you with some extra money on hand for buying even better presents next year, or for donating to those in need.

Cook, Bake, and Decorate

Whichever holiday you celebrate, it’s probably not the same without the annual food and decorations. This year may feel less special if you’re expecting to host fewer people, but it should be considered an opportunity to do so.

Who wants to rush through decorating? Instead, take your time this year. Move things around from time to time. Craft some new decorations even. With less stress about making everything guest-worthy, you can experiment and may find even better places for everything when you’re ready to host next year.

Now apply that same thinking to your usual cooking habits. Take a break from the crowd-pleasers and try your hand at a new recipe. Bake something that you like that isn’t always in as high demand. Keeping a tradition going doesn’t need to mean keeping everything exactly the same. Let this holiday season be one of reinvention.


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