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Long weekends are great for catching up on much needed rest and relaxation. But they are also good for getting out there and doing some new and interesting things. After all, life can get pretty routine when all we do is eat, sleep and work.


While the idea of getting out and doing cool things is a noble one, what about when our budgets can only afford the rest and relaxation option? Well fear not! We have compiled an extensive list of great, unique, fascinating and inspiring things to do that both you AND your wallet will enjoy! Check it out!


Camping doesn’t only have to be done in the summer. Granted, the evenings and mornings are now much too chilly for sleeping outdoors (except for you hard-core campers!). But fall does not have to signal an end to camping! Why not move the fun indoors!? You can easily set up sleeping bags in your basement or your living room and, if your space permits, even pop your tent! For dinner, roast some hot dogs over your barbecue, and grab your favorite recipe for indoor s’mores for dessert. Or grab this s’mores recipe from Food Network.


Harvest season might signal an end to the hot days of summer, but it definitely helps alleviate the longing by being so darn beautiful! The colors of the season simply cannot be beat. And what better place to bask in the warmth of the gold, red, and orange hues than at your local pumpkin patch. Pumpkin picking is one of the best fall day activities, for kids and adults alike! You get to walk the rows and rows of pumpkins and choose the pumpkin that best suits your mood and personality! Many pumpkin farms also have cool activities such as hayrides, farm animals and even pumpkin carving contests. And some even have the next item on this list!


Have you ever gotten lost in a corn maze? This long weekend is a good time for a first! Do a quick google search for some corn mazes in your area and you will be impressed with the different options! Some corn mazes involve trivia questions in order to find your way, others offer glow-in-the-dark night time fun. There are even a few that are haunted corn mazes! SPOOOOOKY! Corn mazes are a great way to spend an afternoon as a family, with some friends, or even as an interesting date option.


Fall might mark the end of summer but it also marks the beginning of another great season. Yup! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? For an easy relaxing way to spend an afternoon, look for a game in your area, pack some snacks and a few drinks, and head on down for a good, old-fashioned tailgate! Not only is it great fun, but you might also make a few new friends in the process!


Following fast on the heels of Thanksgiving and Halloween comes Christmas. And as we all know, it is never too early to start the holiday planning. So why not take advantage of Mother Nature’s most beautiful (and best of all FREE) backdrop and get outside with the family to take some pics! Get dressed up in your most warm-colored sweaters, throw on some cute hats and scarves, and find a friend to tag along to play the part of photographer! You can then have your best picture printed into cards and send them out at Christmastime!


Literally. The autumn breeze is the perfect weather for that time-honored activity of kite flying. It is such a peaceful activity and is great for clearing the brain of all of life’s stresses. Well, that is, if you manage to get the kite off the ground. For those people who easily get frustrated, I would suggest skipping the kite flying.


Okay, okay. You are perhaps rolling your eyes because this suggestion is a bit obvious! But, in all honesty, when was the last time you took a hike simply to admire and enjoy the breathtaking fall foliage? Or go for a drive for that sole purpose? It is a different thing entirely when the goal of your outing is to soak in the beauty of nature! So, take a drive (as blah as it may sound)! You just might be surprised at the result!


Did you know that most cities host ghost tours around the town? Canadian cities may not be as old as the rest of the worlds cities but we have our fair share of historic (and somewhat spooky) stories. With Halloween right around the corner, now is the best time to get your fright on and take a walk on the haunted side! If a quick Google search of the ghost tours in your area and, if they are a little too pricey for your budget, do a little research and go on your own ghost tour! Grab some friends and arm yourself with facts and dates and take your pals on a fright night they won’t forget!


Red, gold, and orange aren’t the only fall colors! Don’t forget about deep, luscious purple! One of the top most comforting things in fall is a nice glass of rich, full-bodied red wine. And sipping that wine at a beautiful vineyard in your local “wine country” is simply priceless. So throw on an oversized sweater, your big fuzzy boots and go curl up at your nearest vineyard cottage house. Grab a glass of wine and VOILA! The Instagram picture practically snaps itself!


For the last and final awesome idea of a great thing to do with your long weekend, it was time to get a littly mushy! Thanksgiving weekend is, first and foremost, a weekend about giving thanks. So, whether you are spending the weekend with family or spending some much-needed alone time, take a minute to reflect on all of the things for which you are thankful. Take some time to write out some “Thankful” cards and spread them around your home, hand them out to loved ones, or use them as centerpieces on your holiday table. It is a great way to not only tell others that you appreciate them but also to find your gratitude center within you.

No matter your plans for the holiday weekend, and no matter your budget, there are some wild, fun, relaxing and entertaining things to be done either solo or as a group. Take the time to plan a fun-filled long weekend and get ready to come back well rested and energized for the lead up to Christmas!

And, as a final thought, the entire team would like to take this time to express how deeply thankful we all are for all of you, our dear valued customers.