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We all know that Valentine’s Day can be a bit over-the-top in a lot of ways! For one thing, it is expensive in all kinds of different areas: the flower shops temporarily raise the price of roses, the greeting card companies stock up on the romantic cards, and the restaurants hike up their prices on the days surrounding the “Big V Day”. And for another thing, if we aren’t careful, Valentine’s Day can sometimes get a little, well, cheesy! But, for all the negatives, Valentine’s Day is also a wonderful time to remember to show just how much you appreciate your significant other. Life moves quickly and between kids and work and bills and chores, we all-too-quickly forget to make time quality for our sweetie.


So here are some creative and unique ideas for ways to shower your Valentine with love and appreciation, without spending too much money.

  1. Romantic home-cooked meal: With a little mood lighting (ahem, candles!), an inexpensive bottle of wine, and some nice background mood music, it almost doesn’t matter what you make for dinner. You can even make something as simple as spaghetti and try to recreate the classic “spaghetti kiss” scene from Lady and the Tramp!
  2. Go out for a drink: Going out for dinner is an expensive endeavor on Valentine’s Day, but opting to sip a glass of vino at your local jazz bar is a small fraction of the cost. Sometimes just the simple fact of getting all dolled up to go out creates a romantic mood that lasts the entire evening.
  3. Romantic movie night: Grab a nice cozy blanket, make a beautifully, buttery batch of popcorn and start a romantic movie marathon from the comfort of your couch! What could be more romantic than snuggling with your sweetie and watching some of the classic, romantic films that are sure to set the perfect Valentine’s Day mood!
  4. Fondue dinner: The best part of having a fondue dinner is how slow and romantic it is. For every bite, you have a few minutes of chatting before your next bite is ready. It makes the meal last much longer than any other meal PLUS it encourages chit chat. Dining together, we often forget to look up from our plate of food to enjoy some banter with our dining partner. This meal, however, makes it almost impossible to do any BUT banter!
  5. Go out for dessert: Have the romantic, home-cooked meal mentioned above, and then head out to your local chocolate shop or pastry shop for a yummy dessert. Once again, the act of going out makes the evening special but at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant bill.
  6. Local amateur theater: Why not check out what’s going on in your local town in terms of shows and theater. Purchasing tickets to a big theater production is costly, but often there are local, amateur theater groups that are running some entertaining plays! Take in a comedy, a drama, an amateur dance show, etc… It makes for a nice date night, for less than a bigger show would cost.
  7. Community events: Check out your local community newsletter and see what Valentine’s Day activities are being hosted by your community organizations. Perhaps the local library is organizing an evening of painting, or maybe your local community center is organizing a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to exercise just a little creativity and think outside of the box. At the end of the day, all it needs to be about is two people who want to reconnect and spend a little romantic time together. Money, chocolates, flowers and cards are just icing on an already delicious cake! But if ever you need a little helping hand, is at your service!