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icash Apr 24, 2018


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Already we felt as though we were one of the fastest in Canada when it comes to sending funds to our clients. But now iCash is thrilled to announce our all-new e-transfers process. We understand that when you are in a financial bind, speed plays a big factor in your piece of mind and we are so excited that we can officially announce that, in the majority of cases, our iCash clients will receive their funds in 30 minutes!

With our easy-to-use online loan application, and our highly encrypted online technology, iCash has innovated yet again in the financial lending industry. We have been working diligently for the past two years to change the stigma and perception of online cash advances and payday loans. And now we are once again changing the industry for the better.

The process is simple:
Step 1) Create your iCash account
Step 2) Apply for your loan from the comfort of your home or even on-the-go
Step 3) Electronically sign your loan agreement
Step 4) Receive your funds in 30 minutes! (*client must bank with a financial institution that can receive e-transfers).

In addition to fast, simple, and safe, iCash is also flexible. We understand that not all Canadians are in the same situation. Our financial solutions need to be as flexible as possible in order to work for as many situations as possible. Which is why we offer both Cash Advances (one repayment) or Flexpay (two or three repayments) so that our clients can choose the solution that is right for them. And the best part is, these options are each offered for the SAME interest fees! No dangling carrots, no hidden fees, no extra charges.

We cannot wait to announce this awesome news to Canadians! Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Google+ and Facebook to stay tuned for some exciting, upcoming contests to celebrate the launch of this latest financial solution!