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loans Canada Feb 21, 2020

5 Ways Online Loans Are A Better Choice

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5 Ways Online Loans Are A Better Choice

When you're looking for an instant payday loan in Canada, you will run into two significant options - online and offline. Online means you don't have to go anywhere. However, that's not the only way that online payday loans in Canada are beating their traditional competitors.

1. Online Requires No Driving

The most apparent way online payday loans are simpler is by being completely digital and with immediate access. You don't have to travel to get a great deal on interest. Now, you can go online either on your phone or on a computer, request the amount you need, get approval, sign a contract, and get your money.

This is especially good for those that live in the remote areas of Nova Scotia or British Columbia. If you need help fixing your car or paying for a medical emergency that you might not have time to drive all the way into town for fast cash.

2. Better Deals Online

Since online lenders don't have to maintain an office, staff, and all the bills that come with them - generally this makes the overall cost significantly less than a brick-and-mortar lending store. While the exact numbers will vary by location and your specific details, online lenders almost always offer cash advances at a lower rate than their physical competition.

3. Get Your Money Faster

By choosing an online lender for your same day loan, you've already saved the time it would take to drive to your choice. However, that's not the only way that online lenders are faster. They also allow you to make it through the application process in half the time.

By downloading an app or going to a website, you'll be able to give your address, bank account information, credit information, and more in no time flat. From there, you'll get your approval and offers in less than five minutes. All you have to do from there is sign a contract and the money will be on the way!

4. It's Easier to Repay Your Loans

When you have a physical lender, you might have to bring money to them to repay your debt. Some have online portals, but it's a hit and miss. However, an online lender will always have an online payment option. All you have to do to repay your loan is make sure you have the correct amount in your bank account on the agreed upon payment date. Settling your debts quickly with online repayment that can be pre-scheduled or done by hand.

5.iCASH is Online Only

Call us biased, but it's hard to see how any physical lender could beat online lending when iCASH is available. Our top-level customer service, responsible lending practices, and low-interest rates allow for happy customers with more time to get back on track.

As a responsible lender, we offer pre-authorized payment plans enabling you to impact you to get the funds you need quickly, securely, and without judgement! You'll be able to get your cash quickly with our AI-powered application process for increased security and privacy. What else do you need from an online lender?