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Easter is such a fun time of the year! Spring is on the horizon, the birds are chirping, the grass is growing and we have finally started to shed those extra winter layers! And, of course, who can forget about the promise of chocolate! But it can also get expensive. Check out some tips and tricks below to have an epic Easter for less! And, if you need extra help this Easter season, keep in mind that iCASH is open all weekend, even during the holidays in case you need us!

Perhaps this year you are looking for a new and interesting alternative to the classic Easter egg hunt? Or perhaps you are hosting Easter supper and would like some unique ideas for recipes that won't break the bank but will still WOW your guests! Whatever your Easter traditions, here are some cute and original ideas to re-invent Easter without hurting your wallet!



1) Museum Activities

Many museums offer fun Easter activities (sometimes for free!). It is a great way to blend a cultural outing with something new and different. The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, for example, have an egg roll race taking place in the meadow. Bring a picnic blanket and some rubber boots and get ready for a fun family event! Do a quick search for museum activities in your area!

2) Outdoor Egg Hunt:

Instead of scouring your living room for Easter egg hiding places, why not take the fun outside! Maybe the Easter Bunny can head into your backyard this year! Eggs up in trees or in the flowerbeds is such a fun way to welcome spring and enjoy some fresh air!



1) Glow in the Dark Hunt

Always a conundrum! Teenagers want the chocolate and Easter treats but aren't interested in the same egg hunt they have been doing for years? A great way to spruce up the game is to do it at night! Check out Amazon for these adorable eggs that glow in the dark!

2) Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt:

While teens may not be into simply searching under couches and behind plants, turning the hunt into a game of quick thinking can definitely peak their interest! Why not even turn it into a friendly competition between the different members of the family? Check out some great ideas for an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt here.



1) Everyone loves brunch

Brunch is such a classic Easter meal (and MUCH cheaper than dinner!). So if you are planning on hosting this year's holiday meal, why not opt for a brunch instead? Put out some pretty baskets filled with muffins, a platter of veggies, and this gorgeous Egg-shaped Fruit Pizza and voilà! You now have a super colorful Easter table for half the cost of a dinner!

2) Potluck dinner:

If we have said it once, we have said it a dozen times... Potlucks are such an easy and effective way to save some money when hosting. It is also a great way to try new dishes (and show off your own prize-winning recipes!). Check out some of these scrumptious Easter recipe ideas as well as these tips on how to host an epic potluck!

iCASH wishes to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Easter filled with family and friends and sunshine (and a TON of chocolate!)
No matter what your traditions or plans are this holiday season, iCASH is here if you need a little extra help with your finances!

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