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Halloween is one of the best times of the year! But WOW can it be expensive! First comes the expense of the children’s Halloween costumes (although hopefully you took the time to read our blog on awesome, trendy costumes that you can make yourself for cheap: Unique DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget!) And, of course, who can forget the HUGE expense of buying all that Halloween candy for the cute trick-or-treaters, especially if you live in a young neighborhood with tons of children!

But when do the adults get to have some spooky fun? Halloween parties can be the most thrilling to plan simply because, unlike other holidays, there are no rules! The drinks, the food, the theme and the décor can be all sorts of different styles! But after paying for all of those other Halloween expenses, finances might be a little tight! Here are some great tips and tricks for hosting an epic haunted Halloween party – for less!


The first, and most important, way to save some significant dollars on your party is to pick your party date with care! Unless October 31st falls on a Saturday, you will more than likely not be hosting your party on Halloween night. So, no matter what date it falls on, make sure to choose the Friday or Saturday night AFTER Halloween. The reason for this is quite simple: every single Halloween related item goes on super sale the very next day! You can go to any Halloween party store or any regular store that sells Halloween themed items and almost everything will be on sale for more than 50% off! It is like the Boxing Day for Halloween!


Unlike Halloween’s two neighbors, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the food options for Halloween are diverse and wide open for creativity! And the great thing about diverse creative options is that it leaves the door open for budget-friendly ideas! The first great thing to note is that you do not need to plan a sit-down dinner. Nor do you even need to serve a full meal. Halloween is great for some simple, yet fun, finger food options.

Finger Snacks:

A quick search on Pinterest for “Cheap Halloween Finger Foods” produced a huge amount of fun and creative (and CHEAP) options for foods that you can serve. Foods such as: cold cuts with a cherry tomato wrapped to look like ghoulish fingers, hot dogs with little slices and ketchup to look like bloody fingers, and pigs-in-a-blanket with puff pastry shaped to look like cute little mummies are all fairly inexpensive and adorable for Halloween!


Once again, Pinterest is where to do a quick search. One easy and adorably spooky option would be to grab some dollar store cookie cutouts in the shape of ghosts or pumpkins, some food coloring to color your icing, and make your favorite sugar cookie. These can be made in advance and frozen for an easier organization. There was also a great tutorial on how to make these adorable Pumpkin Patch Brownie Treats. (So cute!)


A perfect Halloween punch is one of my favorite things to do! There are so many ways to turn a regular punch into a spook-a-licious one! One way to spruce up your Halloween drink is to simply add a “severed” hand to your favorite punch recipe! You can purchase a plastic (sterilized) glove from the dollar store, freeze some water in it overnight, and then add it to your punch bowl. Another cute idea is to rim a “red” drink (such as a cosmopolitan or cranberry vodka) with some black, crushed oreo crumbs. The color combination of black and red make for an eerie look.


What truly sets a Halloween party apart and turns it into an epic event of the year are the decorations! Without a spookily decorated space, your Halloween party is really just a bunch of adults dressed up in silly costumes! But now put those silly-costumed adults in a haunted house style space and your party is lit! So, what can be done for décor when money is tight?

Spider Webs:

Your number one best friend is the dollar store! Firstly, make sure to grab as many of those cheap spider webs as you possibly can! Spreading a spider web across your furniture and tables is the easiest and cheapest way to turn any space into a spooky one. Make sure to string some of the webs from your ceiling to your walls – it really adds a dramatic effect!

Black sheets:

Another easy option is to cover your furniture with black sheets. If you don’t own any black sheets, ask around if you can borrow some. It creates the perfect “dark” look and, if you add some of the cobwebs mentioned above, it also adds an old, haunted feel.


As mentioned above, the best way to save money is to make sure to hit the Halloween super sales the day after Halloween! You can grab some awesome decorations at those Halloween pop-up stores that are looking to liquidate all of their inventory. Some decorations that go the extra mile are things such as candelabras, wall hangings, and outdoor items. Avoid spending too much money on serving platters and bowls – the themed finger foods will cover them up and no one will even notice that they were themed in the first place.

Halloween is definitely the most fun event of the year. And planning an epic party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (even severed ones!). One important tip is to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages because we will be hosting an awesome Halloween Contest very soon. This week's clue is that our contest will involve our largest Amazon gift card of the year! So stay tuned because such an incredible prize will definitely help with the holiday budgets!

The key to a succesful Halloween party is simply advance planning, a little research, and a lot of creativity. Get inspired by some funny and quirky pranks you can play on your guests in this YouTube video! And, of course, if you need a little help in the budget department, don’t hesitate to reach out to!