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Press Dec 14, 2019

How An Instant Loan Can Save Your Holidays

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How An Instant Loan Can Save Your Holidays

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By Megan Martin ©2019 Postmedia Network Inc.

The holiday season can be a particularly stressful time of year for those in tough financial situations. Whether it’s due to an unexpected emergency or not having the budget to pay for presents, many Canadians experience financial struggles during this time of year.

With upward of 43 per cent of Canadians citing financial strain as a leading cause of stress, it’s no wonder many seek out financial assistance during the festive season. This is especially true if you have been turned down by a bank as a result of poor credit history. But there are other borrowing options available to you.

An instant loan from a responsible lender can help if you’re in financial distress. There are no lineups or complicated paperwork, and you can even borrow money on Christmas and New Year’s Eve when other lenders are closed.

If you find yourself faced with an emergency during the holiday season or simply need some extra cash, a holiday loan can provide peace of mind to get you through the season. Here are the top five ways in which an instant loan can help save your holidays:

1. Help to buy gifts for the whole family

If you find yourself a little strapped for cash but still have gifts left on your list to buy, a holiday loan can help by providing fast and simple access to money.

Whether you’re shopping for your children, friends, parents or extended family, there’s nothing as special as seeing someone’s face light up when they open a present you’ve chosen for them.

2. Make memories with your loved ones

Hoping to prepare a generous meal with your loved ones? Or maybe you’re looking forward to taking your kids skiing for the first time? An instant loan can also help with your travel plans to buy the extra gas needed to visit family living outside of your city.

Furthermore, direct online lenders offer budget-friendly repayment methods in several instalments, which you make on the date you receive your paycheque. Once your payment is complete, your loan is considered to be fully repaid. This is in stark contrast to a credit card, where it can be tempting to only pay the minimum fees every month, allowing the debt to grow.

3. Avoid racking up big credit card bills

Choosing an instant loan to pay for holiday expenses gives people the ability to borrow a specific amount, which can help restrict spending by providing a set budget.

Using a credit card with a sky-high limit can lead to impulsive decisions filled with buyers’ remorse later on. Having a set amount to work with ensures that you can make more controlled spending decisions.

4. Reduce financial stress

An instant loan can help alleviate the stress of a tight financial situation around the holidays by providing you with funds in minutes. Whether your family needs winter boots and clothing, your car breaks down, or your heater stops working during a cold Canadian winter, a holiday payday loan can be a great option for those unexpected expenses.

Make your Christmas less overwhelming for you and your family by applying for easy loans in Canada.

5. Last-minute help and support

Instant holiday loans provide quick and easy approvals, helping Canadians who are looking for last-minute financial assistance. If a financial emergency comes up during the holidays, or you’re travelling and need some help, quick access to money is vital.

To help alleviate financial stress, try turning to a trusted Canadian licensed online lender like iCASH. They specialize in providing low-cost, easy-to-access instant loans with multiple repayment options even if you have bad credit.

As a responsible lender, iCASH ensures that clients are never lent more than their repayment capacity. As a direct online lender, they are always open for business, so there will be no delay in receiving your funds once approved, even on major holidays. With iCASH, you can get a holiday loan of up to $1,500. Upon signing your loan agreement, you will receive the funds via e-transfer in less than five minutes!

Whatever your reason for needing help this festive season, a holiday payday loan can lighten financial burdens and help remove stress so that you’re able to truly enjoy the holidays and celebrate with your family.

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