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2020 has been quite an out-of-the-ordinary year! But in some ways, these extraordinary circumstances have almost improved certain aspects of our lives. Some of us have found new and inventive ways to find and be entertained. Some of us have refocused our priorities. Some of us have re-learned the art of relaxation.

But no matter how this pandemic has changed your day to day life, there has been one constant. And that constant has been the importance of family and the love that accompanies it.

And speaking of family, in our very near future is an extra-special event: Father’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the amazing Father Figure in our lives. Whether the man in your life is your father, your spouse, your stepfather, your father-in-law, your grandfather, your adoptive father, or even a fur-baby father, Father’s Day is a day to honour all that they do for us in our daily lives.

So how can we fully give this day all that it deserves given the social distancing requirements that are currently in effect? iCASH to the rescue!
We have come up with some unique, out-of-the-box ways to give this day the fanfare that it deserves, all while remaining socially distant (and without breaking the bank!).

Without further ado, here are our top, inexpensive ideas for hosting an amazing, socially-distant Father’s Day celebration!


Instead of having your typical physical get-together, why not opt for a virtual Father’s Day shindig? It is an easy and yet intimate way to show your appreciation for dad, all while remaining socially distant.

There is a myriad of unique and fun virtual party ideas to choose from. Check out this Martha Stewart inspired twist on how to host a virtual Game Night, or Timeout’s top 10 virtual games to play with a crowd.

Or, if games just aren’t your thing (or your dad’s thing), then go for the classic dinner and chit chat over zoom! One of the best perks about hosting virtual parties is that distance is no longer an issue!

So, go ahead and invite those long-lost cousins from overseas. Or the uncle that no one ever sees because he lives so far away. The sky is the limit when it comes to hosting a virtual party for dad! So, get creative and surprise him by inviting whoever you think would impress dad the most!


Great, so the platform and event style has been chosen. The guest list has been narrowed down. The e-vites have even been sent out (and yes, go ahead and opt for the “wow factor” FREE e-vites that you can send via or The next step would be to figure out the menu.

One great, over-the-top idea would be to plan to have dad’s favorite meal or dessert delivered to him on Father’s Day. It may take a little research and planning, but it would be well worth the effort to surprise dad in such a simple and thoughtful way.

If you are going the “zoom dinner together” route, you need to plan out a menu that is easily shareable (virtually) and can be made ahead. What this basically means is that the menu needs to be easy, versatile, and make everyone present feel like they are sharing the meal together.

In short: comfort foods. A virtual dinner among friends and family is best when everyone is making the same general thing: hamburgers on the barbecue, chicken, pasta, or whatever it is that your family can quickly whip together and everyone enjoys.

Here are a few example recipes of some easily shareable, inexpensive meal ideas that are fun for the whole family:

Steak Frites Burger: ummmmm. Is this seriously a recipe for a burger and fries together sharing a bun? Where do we sign up?? Thanks to’s indulgent burger, you can simply have your favorite fries delivered, barbecue your burgers and smash ‘em together for a dish that is sure to wow dad!

Stuffed pork chops: If you have ever watched the Food Network, you know that anything that Guy says is yummy, is definitely over-the-top yummy! This recipe for Guy’s Stuffed Double Cut Pork Loin Chops are sure to make the man in your life drool in anticipation. Share the recipe with your virtual dinner party guest list for a meal that is sure to delight everyone!

Beer Can Chicken: Ok, so perhaps this isn’t the classiest Father’s Day option. But, as everyone who has ever tasted beer can chicken can attest, it is definitely the juiciest! Don’t worry about the name, the presentation alone is worth the effort! Here is Food Meanderings take on a healthy barbecue beer can chicken with molasses & beer bbq sauce! You and your dad’s taste buds will definitely thank us later!


Last but not least, we need a gift idea for dad. But, in the age of Covid19 confinement, the classic gifts for dad become useless and obsolete. So, it is time to think outside of the gift-giving box! It’s time to rethink what the man in our life enjoys and what would truly make him feel appreciated.
We had to put a lot of time and thought into it but here is the iCASH list of original and unique gifts for dad, without hurting the wallet:

ICE CREAM BALL: Yes, you read that correctly. An ice cream ball. This is one of the weirdest, yet most oddly intriguing items ever. You take the ball, fill it with cream, then go kick it around outside while playing your favorite ball sport. When you are down, voila! You just made ice cream. If that doesn’t wow dad, we don’t know what will! Check it out here: Soft Serve Ice Cream Ball.

VIRTUAL CLASSES: Is your dad an avid golfer? Has he always wanted to learn a new language? Perhaps he wants to learn the guitar or perfect his dancing skills? In the age of Covid19, many local arts and craft schools have taken to offering virtual classes. Grabbing dad a virtual class is a great way to offer him a new skill, as well as an innovative way to pass the time. Being stuck at home can be long and tedious but having a class to look forward to and a new skill to practice all day helps to make the week fly by!

IDEAS IN A BOX: Don’t know what exactly to buy dad? None of the above really sound right for your father? No worries! Man Crates has come up with affordable boxes of “things” that are perfect for any dad based on his personal preferences. Man Crates believes that giving gifts should be exciting, not just a formality, and we could not agree more!

2020 is definitely going to go down in history as one of the most interesting years, and we are not even halfway done! But there is always a silver lining and there is always help available. No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day this year, iCASH is here for you and your family. We salute fathers across Canada and want to make sure that 2020 is a year that they felt especially appreciated. If you need an extra helping hand financially during this crisis, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Happy Fathers Day!