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vacation Jul 17, 2017

How to Have a Great Vacation on a Budget

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How to Have a Great Vacation on a Budget


Vacations don't have to be expensive

Great vacations tend to be expensive. But staying home all summer long can get old fast. Luckily there are expert tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget. And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean camping at the nearest campground! There are ways to travel outside of Canada (and we don’t only mean to visit our dear friends south of the border!) for less than you might imagine!

1. Cheap flights:

Most often, the airfare is the most expensive part of any vacation! Choosing and booking your flight properly is the quickest and most effective way to save a ton of moolah. There are a bunch of websites to bargain hunt some great, cheap flights and they will comparison price for you to avoid having you research different airlines. and are examples that are easy to use and always return the lowest pricing. Also subscribing to sites such as Scott’s Cheap Flights ( allows you to get suggestions of current destinations that are being sold at low cost. Choosing a destination based on the low airfare cost is a great way to save money for spending on your trip!

2. Choose the right destination:

Sure Europe is beautiful and magical. But it’s also very expensive! But there is a whole wide world to discover and Europe isn’t the only awesome destination! Choose a spot where your money can stretch further. Central America and most of South America are prime examples. Southeast Asia and most of Africa are also some great choices. Your dollar will stretch further for things like lodging, food, and outings. Booking places during off-season times is also a great way to save some money. Destinations always have their high-season and low-season and you can often visit a great spot during low-season for a huge fraction of the regular cost.

3. Lodging:

The second most expensive part of any trip is usually the lodging. But it doesn’t have to be that way! AirBnB and VRBO have come a long way in making travel more accessible. Renting a condo or apartment, or even a home, is usually less expensive than a hotel would be plus you have access to a kitchen to cut on some of the eating out costs. Hostels are also a great, cheap alternative to a hotel. Good places for finding and booking hostels are Hostel Bookers, and Hostel World.

4. Roaming data:

There is nothing worse than working super hard to save a ton of money and enjoy a stellar vacation and then coming home to a huge cell phone roaming bill! Most cell phone carriers have options for overseas data. Make sure to call your cell phone company before you leave to inquire about your options. Having data overseas is always helpful in order to have access to things like Google Translate and Google Maps. Both are great free apps to help you get around in a foreign country.

Vacationing is so worth it and needed in our busy lives. But it can be just another added stress when not planned properly. Taking the time to plan out and budget properly can make a huge difference between a relaxing, soulful vacation and a stressed-out chaotic one. Have a great summer!