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Press Jul 18, 2020

Mother of eight talks about the challenges faced during the pandemic

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Mother of eight talks about the challenges faced during the pandemic

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By Megan Martin ©2020 Postmedia Network Inc.

In the era of COVID-19, most families have had to adjust to a new normal. From challenging working arrangements and homeschooling to online grocery orders and social distancing, life under COVID-19 has required flexibility. For Jeanine Macintosh, a small-business owner, blogger, and mother of eight living in Barrie, Ontario, the past three months have required a heroic effort. But thanks to a supportive family, understanding clients, and some short term financial help, the Macintosh family is sticking together and making it work during COVID-19.

Parenting during a pandemic

During lockdown, few people have had as much on their plates as working parents, balancing job stress along with homeschooling and running a household. With eight kids under the age of 17, it has been a learning curve for the Macintosh family.

“The hardest part about being a parent during COVID-19 has been trying to give everyone equal attention for their remote learning, and balancing the different needs everyone has in the family,” Macintosh said. “We’re two people, and helping eight at once with things they would normally do at school has definitely been a challenge.”

Entertaining the kids on a daily basis once their schoolwork has been completed is not an easy task either. As a family that frequently enjoyed outings prior to the pandemic, they’ve had to hugely change their routine. “The older kids have been a huge help, even if it’s just playing with the younger kids while we make meals.”

Running a business amid COVID-19

Most Canadians have experienced some kind of financial stress amid the fallout from the coronavirus, but business owners have had it particular hard. From client retention and supply chain issues to cancelled orders and tumultuous earnings, running a business – especially a small one – comes with unique challenges during a pandemic.

“I lost a few clients, so my financial concerns were things like: How was I going to pay rent? How was I going to get groceries?” Macintosh said. “There were definitely a lot of worrisome moments.”

Adjusting the household budget

Like many Canadian families, a change in income meant that the Macintosh clan has had to make adjustments and tighten their spending.

“We spend about $800 to $1,000 bi-weekly on groceries alone, so making sure my children had these basic necessities was extremely concerning and difficult for us,” she said. “We had to cut back on our groceries significantly. My husband baked more snacks and we all had to compromise on what was most important to get and what could wait until this whole situation is over. My kids and husband were very understanding and we were able to come up with monthly budgets to stick to, but it was extremely stressful on me.”


Short-term financial support

Many Canadian families have needed additional financial support during this time. Whether it’s for emergency expenses or just to make ends meet, short-term financial assistance has been essential for many.

The Macintosh family turned to iCASH on several occasions during the last few months. ICASH is a trusted Canadian licensed online lender that specializes in providing low-cost, easy-to-access instant loans with multiple repayment options. These payday loans are ideal for sudden financial needs and are available even to consumers with bad or no credit history. As a responsible lender, iCASH ensures that clients are never lent more than their repayment capacity.

“During COVID-19, I used iCASH to help with the cost of groceries, and when I had two kids break their glasses,” Macintosh said. “We also had a medical emergency with our youngest daughter, and if I wasn’t able to get iCASH so quickly it would’ve been a lot worse.”

In fact, the speed at which iCASH loans are electronically transferred to approved clients is one of its key features.

“When times get tough no one wants to be stressed about money, or worried about how they’ll be paying for another bag of milk or loaf of bread,” Macintosh said. “It helped just knowing iCASH was there and knowing if I needed a loan quickly I’d have it within two hours. I’ve recommended it to many people.”

Providing support to Canadians

With many Canadians still laid off, and an increasing number of companies forced to close, COVID-19 related financial support has been the top priority for iCASH over the course of the last four months. The team is dedicated to supporting Canadians during this challenging time through accessible and reliable short term loans.

“This, too, shall pass — and we are all in this together,” Macintosh said. “Whether it's money, outings or just the general worry about how things are going right now, there is always help out there. If we can get through this as a family of 10, you can, too.”

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