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Apr 23, 2019


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It will soon be that extremely special day of the year when moms everywhere receive thanks and appreciation for everything they do all year round. That’ right, we mean Mother’s Day. A day when moms around the world will be showered with homemade gifts, flowers, and hand-drawn cards. It’s a day to sit back, have breakfast in bed, and let your family show you just how much you mean to them.

iCASH wanted to get a jump start on that oh-so-special day by launching a wonderful contest where one inspirational mom will win a $300 gift card to the grocery store of their choosing (IGA, Walmart, or Loblaws).
We all know (or are) inspirational mothers who selflessly give of themselves for others. Whether your sister, your friend, your daughter, your own mother, or even yourself, iCASH invites you to nominate that wonderful mom by telling us what makes her so very special. (You can find the details of how to enter the contest below).

In a recent blog article, they listed the top 10 reasons why moms were important (as if we needed reminding!). And some of the items were quite interesting. There were some items that were fairly basic (such as “she literally gave you life”), but others were soulful reminders of what a mother truly is.

• A mother has the magic healing touch: when you are young, she can magically kiss your boo-boos and make everything better. When you are older, she can make you a cup of tea and help heal your more emotional wounds. No one can do that quite like your mom.
• No matter how out-of-reach your dream is, your mother will simply pack you a lunch and tell you to wear clean underwear. No questions. She is your biggest supporter and she will catch you if you fall.
• A mother’s love is a forgiving love. Nothing is as valuable as that.
• A mother taught you how to behave and function in society. Your mother helped mold you into the person that you are today. For that, she deserves so much thankfulness.
• And, the absolute best, most magical thing of a mother is her smile. When she turns it towards you, your day is suddenly just that much better. It is a pure, gentle, and soul-touching smile. It is perfection.

So, for all that a mother is, iCASH is honored to launch a contest designed simply to celebrate it. To enter is simple:
👏 Nominate one fabulous mom in the comment section of our Facebook or Instagram pages and tell us how she has made a difference in your life or in the life of someone you know. You can nominate your mother, your friend, your sister, your daughter, or even yourself!

We all know inspiring people that should be celebrated and pampered and iCASH is ready to do that for one lucky 👸 MOM 👸!

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” 💕💕
~ Robert Browning

Contest ends the 30th of April at 12PM EST.