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Our Products

iCASH offers two loan solutions, each with amazing advantages, to fit each clients’ individual situation.

Cash Advance

With a Cash Advance loan, you are able to repay your loan on your next payday in one single payment. Our safe and simple online application means that there is no waiting in long lines and no lengthy documents are required. We provide quick and easy access to the necessary funds to get you back on the road to financial wellness.

Flexpay Loan

With the Flexpay loan, you are able to repay your loan in 2 or 3 equal payments on your next pay period. This product, offered exclusively by iCASH, allows you more time to repay your loan without any additional interest. iCASH is proud to offer triple the time to repay your loan for the same amount of interest! Flexpay is the ideal solution for bigger financial needs that require further flexibility in repayments, allowing you more time to get back on that road to getting your finances back on track.

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