budget tips

easter Apr 09, 2020
The Easter Bunny is officially an essential worker, so what can you do to celebrate Easter on a budget this year? All while still maintaining social distancing measures and staying within budget.... Read more

budget Mar 19, 2020
News of the Coronavirus is rampant so iCASH has put together some information on how to budget your money during the COVID19 outbreak. iCASH is here for you during these times.... Read more

Save Money Jan 21, 2020
To jump-start your endeavor, we have seven tips you can try to make sure you save money throughout the year.... Read more

budget tips Jan 09, 2020
If you just merged households for the first time, you might be wondering how to budget a multi-income household. Questions from merging bank accounts, to applying for loans, this article has it all.... Read more

christmas Dec 05, 2019
With the holiday season upon us, that means it's time to find presents for family and friends. Creating a budget to save money on holiday gifts is going to help with half the stress.... Read more

budget Oct 10, 2019
Are you trying to eat healthy on a budget? Many people have the idea that healthy foods are expensive. However, there are many ways to save money when looking to change to a healthier diet.... Read more

money savings Jul 04, 2019
Summer in Canada is all about outdoor fun! Here are the top tips to throw an epic BBQ, pool parties, or picnic on a budget from online lender iCASH.... Read more

money savings Sep 25, 2017
You can save on groceries and still make awesome meals, iCASH is here to prove it. Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on delivery, and put your money where your mouth is.... Read more