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payday advance Mar 05, 2020
There are many facts and myths when it comes to payday advances. Fact: Loans are not bad, no matter the type, keep reading to debunk the myths once and for all.... Read more

cash loans Mar 02, 2020
Is interest higher on instalment loans might be one of your questions when looking into loaning options. We explore how an instalment loan works, and what sort of interest rate to expect in this article.... Read more

payday loan Jan 07, 2020
Your car needs an unexpected repair and now you are wondering how to create a budget for refunding a payday advance. Emergencies happen to us all so iCASH has put together this guide.... Read more

cash loans Jan 02, 2020
Did your stove have its final day and need it fixed like today? We bet you are wondering how fast is approval for a cash loan. The time it takes will vary on your choice, read more to learn about it.... Read more

What is a Payday Loan Sep 27, 2019
Payday loans help Canadians cover cash shortfalls. Many people would recognize the term cash advance, as payday lenders are generally giving you money based on your next paycheck.... Read more