icash Nov 12, 2020
You should always feel confident when applying for a loan, we have put together a guide on what you should know about iCASH. iCASH provides Canadians to apply for same-day loans online.... Read more

icash Feb 18, 2020
Modern-day lenders are creating some of the most innovative lending platforms which use AI to not only increase the speed of the borrowing process but make it safer for borrowers.... Read more

icash Jan 10, 2020
How a new Canadian fintech company is redefining personal lending through revolutionary technology-driven but human-oriented decision-making process.... Read more

icash Aug 20, 2019
Canadian fintech company iCASH this month celebrates three years of successful lending operations. In that short time, the company has... Read more

icash May 30, 2019
iCASH's heart beats for Manitoba officially! As a top alternative direct lender for Canadians, iCASH has been looking forward to moving to Manitoba for some time now.... Read more

icash May 09, 2019
iCASH spreads its wings in Nova Scotia on the journey of expanding our lending. If you a resident of Nova Scotia and are looking for an alternative to traditional lending, iCASH is it.... Read more

icash Apr 04, 2019
Worried about getting accepted for a loan? When the banks say no, iCASH accepts 9 out of 10 applications! Fortunately, there are alternatives to banks with credit options like iCASH.... Read more

icash Mar 06, 2019
We launched our most popular feature 6 months ago: the Cashback program. iCASH loves giving back, already $200K in cashback granted to our amazing customers.... Read more