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Top 10 Best Work-from-Home Jobs in Canada

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Top 10 Best Work-from-Home Jobs in Canada

Working from home was mostly chosen by stay-at-home mums until a few years ago. There were some possibilities to make money from home, but they weren't that available or provided significant income. But lately, this has become a much more extended field, and as offers multiply, more and more people choose this method of earning a living.

While there were quite many falsely advertised opportunities in the past, we now have a wide variety of legit ways of working remotely. Below, we will list the best options for working from home in Canada to get an idea of all the jobs you can do.

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Advantages of Working from Home

The current economic background forces many people to switch from working in an office to working from home. But many others had taken this path long before. Working remotely has many benefits. Of course, it also depends on each individual and the type of work they need to perform. But overall, it's an ideal situation for many Canadians, especially if you are currently unemployed.

Let's take a look at the major positive aspects of working from home to help you decide if this is a valid option in your case.

Flexible schedule

One of the main benefits of working from home is that you can establish your schedule. As long as you respect the deadlines and deliver quality work, nobody will care that you take breaks more often or have lunch and snacks at different hours. You can answer the phone any time it rings and even take a break to get some air and stretch your legs a bit.

Customizing your work environment

While in an office, you have to adapt to the established environment and respect the rules that apply to everyone; things are different when you work from home. Let's say you perform better while listening to music; that won't bother anyone. Or it can be quite the opposite; you may prefer absolute silence, which can be possible in your home office. You can also use your favorite chair to feel more comfortable, or even work on the sofa if that's easier for you.

No formal outfits

Unless you need to be in a Zoom call, most of the time, you can work wearing whatever you want because no one will be watching you. No more casual Fridays: you can wear sweatpants all day if you wish.

No commute

This is a significant advantage of working from home. The time you spent on your way to and from work, you can now use to take care of house chores, walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air, or even assign it for doing more work. Not to mention, not having to leave the house to go to work means you will be spending more time with your loved ones.

You save money

The commute is not the only expense you will avoid by working at home; you also save money with lunch. You will spend much less eating at home than you would have during your lunch break at the office, not to mention you can eat whatever you want.

Top 10 Work from Home Jobs in Canada

#1 - Customer service representative

This is one of the jobs people most frequently do from home, as it doesn't require your presence in a particular office. As long as you have a quiet and work-friendly environment and a good internet connection at home, you can do this job successfully.

How does it work? You will install an application on your computer and use it to answer incoming calls from customers. Your job is to listen to their demands and make sure you help them solve their problem.

You must be empathetic, a good listener, and easily connect to your customer, so they can feel confident that you will help them. You also need to pay attention to details, offer quick and resourceful solutions, and have basic computer skills. You should also be ready to work in shifts on an unconventional schedule.

As for the benefits you can expect, you can earn about $15-16 per hour, get paid training, and even a computer to work on.

#2 - Online English teacher

Teaching English online can be extremely rewarding, both financially and personally. You can connect with different people and use your method and experience to learn English with ease and comfort.

To be an online teacher, you must be fluent in English, have at least a bachelor's degree, and the communication skills necessary to teach someone remotely. You should expect students from different backgrounds and at various English levels, and you need to adapt to their needs. As for the money you can expect to make, an online English teacher can earn from $14 to $23 per hour, depending on the company they work for.

#3 - Data entry

Data entry is a pretty vast field, as there are many variables involved, leading to different earnings levels. Indeed, you don't have a guaranteed minimum wage. Still, it's a job you can easily adjust to your schedule and can lead to satisfactory earnings if you dedicate enough time and gain experience.

Many legit and serious companies offer great opportunities in this line of work. So, while the limited earnings don't make it the ideal option for a long term commitment, it can be a great temporary solution when you need to increase your income working from home. And the best part is you don't need high degrees and ample experience to qualify.

#4 - Technical support specialist

Suppose tech is your thing, and you have the necessary experience and excellent communication skills, and dedication to helping solve customer's problems. In that case, this may be a great job for you. And you can successfully do it from home, not to mention earning about $50,000 to $70,000 per year.

You will need a relevant degree and some experience, as well as high proficiency in PC usage. Most importantly, you need to translate the technical terms into language that anyone can understand.

#5 - Accountant

Accounting is one of the fields where working from home is particularly easy, as long as you have the degrees and knowledge required. Most companies demand a specific experience before accepting a remote collaboration. But the earnings can be substantial, depending on the exact position you are filling.

#6 - Freelance writer

Writing is something you can do anywhere, so it's one of the most flexible jobs. You don't necessarily need a particular degree; what matters is your language proficiency, as well as your creativity and research skills. Depending on your areas of expertise, you can focus on particular topics or adjust to the demands.

If you need to make quick cash, it depends on your experience and on the time you dedicate to this activity. Full-time freelance writers with a few years of experience can make quite a good living from this job.

#7 - Social media manager

Most companies outsource their social media management to agencies or freelancers, which is a job you can do remotely. It may seem like something anyone can do, but the fact is you need specific skills and abilities to perform it successfully.

A degree in communications or marketing would be advantageous, but what matters most is being up to date with the industry tools and identifying social media opportunities quickly.

You would have a high level of independence and significant responsibilities, as you will be in charge of how a business expands using the internet.

#8 - Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is the solution businesses choose for outsourcing the simple tasks in the daily activity to help other employees focus on more delicate or complex matters. There is quite a high demand for this type of collaboration, and it can be a good way when you are in need of money.

Virtual assistant duties can vary and depend on the niche they choose and the skills they offer. To get a general idea of the profit you can make with this remote job, virtual assistants in Canada earn somewhere between $25-50 per hour.

#9 - Web developer

Web developers are among the people who can efficiently work from home, and there is quite a high demand all over Canada for this type of specialist. It's a great career, mostly if you prefer remote work.

To make sure you can make a good living from it, you need a degree and be certified in web development, and, most importantly, you must always learn and improve your skills. As for the earnings, a web developer's average salary in Canada is about $65,000 per year.

#10 - Translator

Translations are a rich and offering domain, and also a job you can easily do from home. The main requirement is a bulletproof knowledge of the languages you translate to/from.

From subtitles for movies and translating games and texts to interpreting during meetings, you can make a good living off your expertise. The average salary of a Canadian translator is about $50,000, and it's a gratifying job.

What Are the Highest Paying Stay-at-Home Jobs in Canada?

The highest paying stay-at-home jobs in Canada are not necessarily the most popular ones, but those where specific expertise and vast experience are required. You can make a lot of money working from home in two ways, either with a high volume of work or providing top services not many people can offer.

For instance, a senior graphic designer or a software developer can make a good living remotely. But you can also earn tremendous amounts even without such a specialization. A virtual accountant or executive assistant can also have good salaries working from home. Overall, any of the jobs we listed above can bring you a nice income if you devote enough time and interest to it.

Is There a Downside to Working from Home?

Finding the perfect working environment isn't easy, and there are obvious pros and cons both for working in an office and at home. We covered the advantages above; now, it's time to look at the possible downsides.

The most challenging aspect of working from home is maintaining your willpower. If you thought your colleague's phone calls distract you at work, wait until you are at home, fighting the temptation to take a break.

The truth is a routine is hard to establish while working in your home office because you will be facing many distractions. It's harder to stay focused and disciplined when no one is watching and controlling you. It's also harder to resist numerous snack breaks.

Having other people working around you is important for two reasons. Those little moments when you socialize are good for your spirit, but also, there seems to be higher productivity in a place where everyone is performing a task. Not to mention if you have kids or pets, you will face a whole new level of distractions.

How to Find a Remote Job in Canada?

Whether you have been interested in working remotely for a while or your are currently unemployed, it's not that hard to find a work-from-home job in Canada.

There are quite many companies that look for people to handle specific tasks from a distance.

If you are interested in finding remote jobs in Canada, here is what you need to focus on:

• Find Canadian businesses that are flexible regarding the schedule; a bit of online research will get you quite a long list.

• Refine your search by making sure you only select companies willing to hire remotely

• Look for international options as well. The advantage of working from home is that the employer can be miles away, and even in another country. You need to find companies looking for people with your set of skills, even on an international level.

• Beware of false advertisements. Once you get a bit of experience with remote jobs, you will know how to spot strange or deceiving offers immediately. A quick research on that business will reveal the truth.

• Interconnect, and don't be afraid to propose. Asking around can get you more information than you may expect. And even if a company you know hasn't considered remote employees yet, it doesn't mean they are against it, and it doesn't hurt to ask.

• Only use legit and reputable job-hunting platforms.

How Can I Work from Home Successfully?

Finding the right remote job is essential, but it's not the only part that matters. It's equally important to be able to adapt to working from home. The environment will be very different from your previous office, and it may not be as easy as you think to keep up the productivity.

The most challenging part of this type of job is to self-motivate yourself strongly enough to stay focused. The work may be the same, but you will find it takes a different kind of dedication, and self-managing becomes crucial.

You need to establish a routine and do the best you can to stick to it. Despite the numerous distractions and even the boredom that may appear occasionally, you must stay focused. It helps to set strict deadlines for yourself; be the manager checking your work.

Balance is essential in general, and significantly more so when working from home. You must make sure to avoid two extremes: taking too many breaks and losing your rhythm or getting too involved and burning yourself out.

Should I Try Working from Home?

Working from home isn't for everyone; that's a fact. It takes discipline to stay focused, and then there's the matter of working without other people around; not everyone handles that well. But it can also be the job of your dreams if you manage to organize your time and effort.

The truth is you won't know if working from home suits you until you try it. However, in the current economic climate, working remotely becomes more and more important. And since this situation is likely to take a while, it's good to know there are many good options for remote jobs to choose from in Canada. Every task that doesn't require your physical presence in an office can be handled from home; browse through the offers and find the one that suits you.

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