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Top 5 Ways to Cool Off this Summer

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Top 5 Ways to Cool Off this Summer

Summer has finally arrived here in Canada. And Mother Nature has certainly wasted no time in getting right to the hot topic (get it? HOT topic)? The past couple of weeks have been downright H-O-T! And, don’t get us wrong, we are definitely NOT complaining about the heat (bring on the sunshine!), but sometimes a little cool relief is in order.

But between the pandemic and the heat and the restrictions, what activities are the best (and most inexpensive) when it comes to beating the heat? iCASH has put together the top 5 “coolest” ways to cool off this summer, without breaking the bank or the health and safety regulations.


Being an adult has its perks, for sure. But sometimes it’s just more fun and “cool” to be a kid! One of the most entertaining and hilariously fun ways to beat the heat is to kick it old school with some “vintage” kiddy water games!

Do you have some old super soakers lying around? Fill those puppies up with some water and food colouring and have a homemade, watery version of a laser tag fight. Remember the fun of water balloon fights? For the cost of a bag of balloons from the dollar store, you can have hours of cool fun running around the backyard having an old school water balloon fight. And one of the best parts of both activities is that you can get your neighbours involved, all
while remaining socially distant!


In keeping with the whole “become a kid again” theme from our first tip, when was the last time you ran through a spray park? Do you remember how much fun those things used to be? You don’t even need to bring your bathing suit
or a towel! The best part of these spray parks is running back and forth a couple of times and walking home to “air dry”! It’s a great way to get a little exercise and cool down at the same time!

Because most neighbourhood spray parks were closed during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, we would advise you to check out your local city rules and regulations before heading out. The majority of parks have re-opened recently, but it would still be important to check out the regulations of the spray parks in your area as many of them have reduced capacity as well as limited hours and availabilities.


Ok, we know you are thinking that camping outdoors is the opposite of cooling down and beating the summer heat! But hear us out for a second. Camping, when planned properly, can easily be done in a way that keeps you cool and helps you relax from a long week, all at the same time!

The key to “cool” camping is to make sure to find a camping spot that is near a lake or river, as well as in a wooded or shaded area. Obviously camping without those two important factors would make for a hot, sticky sleep! But imagine, if you will, lying under the shade of a great big tree and, when you get just a tad too hot, you simply dip into a frigid-by-comparison body of water. What could be more deliciously cool?

Of course, as in point #2, before heading out and booking any camping trips, it would be important to check with your local city rules and regulations regarding campgrounds. Many of them have reduced capacity, stricter rules about swimming, etc... But don’t let that discourage you! With a little research and planning, you can find a nearby campground that is perfect for you and your family.


Banana splits, blizzards, milkshakes, soft serve dipped cones.... Are you drooling yet?

When was the last time you treated yourself to a delicious ice cream delicacy? It’s surprising how quickly a few bites of a frozen treat can cool you down on a blisteringly hot day!

And, in addition to cooling down, this is a great way to support some of your local businesses. Ice cream parlours have been hit hard by this pandemic. Like restaurants, they were forced to close during the peak of the pandemic but, unlike restaurants, most ice cream parlours are usually only open for a short period of the year. To close, even briefly, during their usual season hits them very hard financially. So why not show a little love and support to your local ice cream shop, and cool down all at the same time?


Did you know that food and water play a very important role in helping you stay cool in summer heat? Certain foods help regulate your body temperature and cool you down during heat waves. If you are looking for a fun, outdoor
family activity that won’t have you fainting from exhaustion, a picnic packed with the perfect cooldown foods is just the way to go!

Foods that are high in water content are one of the top choices for cooling down. Cucumbers, which are 95% water, and melons, which are also 95% water plus helping to remove body toxins, are excellent choices for staying hydrated and cooling down, as well as being great picnic foods. Staying away from fatty and heavy foods is also recommended during a heat wave. And, above all else, drink PLENTY of water! It is the most important factor in staying cool and hydrated during a heatwave.

Summer is that perfect juxtaposition of deliciously hot weather, but also stiflingly hot weather! Finding cool ways to enjoy the heat is the key to taking advantage of the short summers in Canada! We have such a limited time to enjoy the warm sunshine, we need to find unique and fun ways to stay outdoors, without too much sweat! Drop us a line on our social media pages to let us know how you stay cool during these heat spells!

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