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This pandemic didn’t get the best of Thanksgiving, didn’t even put a dent in Halloween, and Christmas kicked it to the curb. So why should Valentine’s Day be any different? Whether you are at home and single, at home with your loved one, or confined with your entire famsquad, we have the best Valentine’s Day recipes for your situation!


One of the biggest misconceptions of Valentine’s Day is that romance and love are reserved for couples. Nothing could be further from the truth! Valentine’s Day is about love in ALL of its forms, which includes self-love. So, crank up those bluesy tunes, pour yourself some bubbly, and check out this perfect 3-course dinner for 1:

Appetizer: A platter of oysters

Oysters are simply the most perfect appetizer option for solo dining. For one, they ooze self-indulgence and romance. Secondly, they can be purchased and prepared one by one (so no need to buy more than you plan to eat). And thirdly, they are far from your everyday, run-of-the-mill make-for-yourself meal.

If the idea of preparing an oyster platter sounds intimidating, check out this step-by-step guide on how to prepare oysters at home, including different options for “mignonette” and other traditional oyster platter accoutrements.

Main course: Individual cheese soufflé  

Why is it that French dishes just feel more romantic than any other dishes? If you thought an oyster platter was a little intimidating to make, just imagine how empowered you will feel after conquering the ultra-intimidating soufflé! All that is required is just a little patience and a little relaxation, which is the perfect recipe for a solo Valentine’s Day dinner! Check out Martha Stewart’s simplified recipe for an individual cheese soufflé here. Simply serve this with a nice side salad and voila: a perfect Valentine’s Day main course meal!

Dessert: Chocolate-covered strawberries

Nothing says “I love myself” better than putting in a huge amount of effort for something that can be eaten in just two bites! But ooooooh, how wonderful those two bites will be… And the best part about chocolate-covered strawberries is just how rarely we ever eat them. Valentine’s Day is just about the only time of the year that we get to enjoy these delightfully sinful berries! Check out FoodNetwork’s recipe for chocolate-covered strawberries and let us know how much you adore yourself after taking your first bite!


Has this pandemic got you and your special Valentine cooped up and craving some fine dining? We have got your backs! We have scoured the internet to find the perfect recipes for a 3-course menu that is as romantic as it is easy. It might not make you completely forget all about restaurants, but it’ll come pretty close! Check out these amazing recipes that are just perfect for you and your love:

Appetizer: Heart-shaped bruschetta

Why not put a romantic spin on a classic and well-loved appetizer? Bruschetta is simply ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic placed atop golden, toasted French bread. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, you should probably go back and read those words a second time! Before following Cookie and Kate’s delicious bruschetta recipe, just remember to go that extra “Valentine’s Day” mile and cut your French bread into romantic hearts!

Main course: Lobster mac-n-cheese

You know the one great thing about not being able to dine at restaurants? The fact that we can eat those fancy, over-priced menu items at a fraction of the cost! Pasta? Yum! Cheese? Yes please! Lobster? sigh… Olive magazine has a lobster mac-n-cheese recipethat is so delightfully sinful, it was simply made for Valentine’s Day romance! Pair this with an equally delightful glass of wine and you have a dinner to rival your local fancy restaurant any day!

Dessert: Easy chocolate mousse

After a heavy (but worth it) main course such as that scrumptious lobster mac-n-cheese, a nice and fluffy chocolate mousse is just what the love doctor ordered! And the best part about chocolate mousse as a Valentine’s Day dessert is that you can go the traditional route and scoop out individual portions into coupes or ramekins, or you can opt for the epitome of romance and you share one bowl (and maybe even one spoon!) and devour your dessert while cuddling. SIGH! Romance at its best! Check out this amazingly smooth chocolate mousse recipe from Cookies and Cups.


Covid has definitely helped families slow down and grow together in a more unified manner, which is absolutely wonderful. But it also means that we have had to adapt different aspects of our lives to incorporate the entire family! Valentine’s Day 2021 will be no exception. But, as we mentioned earlier, we do not only celebrate one type of love on Valentine’s Day – we can definitely take this particular Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love that is shared within a family. Check out this amazing option for a 3-course Valentine’s Day meal that is sure to please even the most discriminating palette!

Appetizer: Garlic parmesan cheese ball

When was the last time you had a yummy-licious cheese ball? Probably the last time you went to a party, and that was probably a looooooong time ago. But even if you don’t remember the last time you went to a party, you probably remember just how popular a cheese ball is at any given event! So why not make your own family Valentine’s Day party this year and break out that cheese ball! Check out Taste of Home’s recipe for a garlic parmesan cheese balland get your party started right!

Main course: Fondue!

Did someone say fondue? You mean, FUNdue! The most wonderful thing about fondue is that every family member can opt for their favourite “dipper” item. If you have vegetarians in the family? No problem! They can easily dip an array of cut up veggies. Or perhaps you prefer fish but your spouse prefers beef? No worries – do both! Check out Allrecipes recipe for a coq au vin broth for fondue!

Dessert: Chocolate Valentine’s Day cake

Can it even be considered a party without a chocolate cake? We think not! Finish up your fantastic family-style Valentine’s Day extravaganza with this delicious chocolate cake covered with a sweet strawberry buttercream frosting courtesy of Handle the Heat.

No matter your situation, no matter the pandemic going on outside, no matter the weather or the style or any other external factor, Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated surrounded by love. Make sure to add a sprinkle of that love to whatever 3-course meal you opt for! is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including Valentine’s Day weekend. If you need a little extra funds to make your Valentine’s Day extra romantic, simply reach out to us at!