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Top Tips to Find a New Job

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Top Tips to Find a New Job

The past 6 months have not been easy on anyone! We may all be trying to navigate the same storm, but we are definitely doing so in very different boats. Some of us are dealing with the pressures of working from home, others are dealing with working with the public, and still others are struggling with finding a job after being laid off. These are definitely trying times!

But for everyone currently struggling to find new footing and a new source of income, iCASH is here to help all Canadians quality for a loan that means their needs.

Canadians are each living unique situations and are all searching for unique income sources. And it is for that reason that we have put together a comprehensive list of as many different income supplements as we could possibly think of! Check it out below and find out which is right for you!

Best tips for finding a new job

Getting started is always the hardest part of any new project, and job hunting is no different. It is one part discipline, two parts grit, and a little bit of know-how.

Check out these tips on how to get started on the hunt for a new job, where to look, and how to get back on the job market in record time!
#1. Job listings: There are a ton of amazing resources out there to help you find the job you want. A job listing site such as Indeed is a great place to start the hunt.
#2. Stay focused: Perhaps you already know the job that you are looking for. Or perhaps you want to work in a specific industry or town. Using as many keywords to focus your search will make your job hunt that much easier. The provincial and federal government sites are a great resource for finding jobs in your specific area, narrowed down by industry. Check out how to Find job opportunities in the federal government and with employers throughout Canada as an example. A quick search on your provincial government site will lead you to a great page full of helpful resources.
#3. Time to network: In marketing, word-of-mouth is still the best form of marketing. The same is true for job hunting! So, get the word out that you are looking for a job! Ask around on social media if any of your contacts know of any available jobs. Perhaps their workplace is hiring. It definitely helps in the hiring process if you already have a contact working at the company!
#4. Update your resumé: Your CV is usually the first thing that a potential employer will see so it needs to help you shine! It should be professional looking, concise, and portray your top skills and experience. Consider doing a quick Google search for “professional resumé templates” and grabbing one of the free resources to start you off in the right direction. All that you will then need to do is plug in your personal information and experience.

Trending jobs in a COVID-19 era

Canada dropped nearly 2 million jobs in April of this year. This was a never-before-seen record job loss. And this would be highly depressing if not for the fact that hiring is still extremely high! So, the good news is that if you are ready and able to get back to work, there is a job and industry that is just right for you! Take a look at some of the top industries that are currently trending amid the COVID-19 pandemic!


1. Developers: Obvs! Developers are at an all-time high when it comes to demand! Companies that were not ready for online sales are realizing that they NEED to be online – like, yesterday – and are moving mountains to get it done. If you are interested in searching for jobs as a developer and do not yet have that particular skillset, consider taking an online course while you still have some free time on your hands! You never know, you just might discover a new passion!
2. Essential retail: If you have been to a grocery store or pharmacy in the past 6 months, you have probably experienced long lines and empty shelves! The essential retail industry is scrambling to ramp up on manpower in order to keep up with demand! Check out your local listings to see if your neighbourhood grocery store or pharmacy is looking for help stocking shelves or is looking for cashiers.
3. Agriculture: According to the job bank of Canada’s website for job postings, the agriculture industry is working hard to find enough workers to keep up with the food supply chain demand. During this pandemic, Canadians relied more and more on local, fresh produce and foods, putting a strain on our farmers, food manufacturers and distributers. There are currently over 4,500 jobs available in the Agricultural sector on the Canadian jobbank site.
4. Healthcare: Healthcare workers were definitely the heroes throughout this pandemic. They worked tirelessly and selflessly around the clock to help us stay healthy and safe. And with everything that is currently going on, there is a huge demand for healthcare workers. Of course, a job as a nurse or a doctor requires a specific skillset, however even healthcare support workers are in high demand. Take a quick look at your provincial governments job listings page to find out which jobs are available in your area.
5. Call center: Are you a people person? Eveyeone at iCASH is. Do you love giving great customer service and helping clients? Then why not consider a job as a call center agent. Nowadays, many of these positions are even work-from-home jobs (so you can do your job in your pyjamas! Haha). Take a look at one of the job listings sites mentioned above to find out which jobs are available in an industry that interests you!

There is a surprising amount of jobs currently available in Canada. Perhaps the industry or company from which you were recently laid off struggled during the COVID-19 age, however there are many others that actually thrived. A quick google search for jobs available in your area just might impress you!

Starting your business in a COVID-19 era

Ok, we know it sounds crazy, but there is actually an impressive number of Canadians that STARTED their businesses DURING COVID-19! How crazy is that! And if they can do it, why not you?!?!


The trick to starting a business during these weird times is to understand what people need. Peoples’ needs have changed. Peoples’ wants have changed. What people can afford or feel is important has changed. Taking all of these things into consideration is the key to launching a successful business. Here are some things to consider:

1. Everything virtual: People are, at least for the time being, quasi confined to the home. But there are still things that they need/want that they used to simply go out and get! One enterprising Canadian came up with the brilliant idea to offer virtual funerals during these difficult times. Another innovative Canadian build a service to offer teleconferencing veterinary services. These businesses filled a unique need and came up with ways to offer necessary services but virtually. If your business can be offered virtually, you are already ahead of the game!
2. Do you deliver?: All of a sudden, everything needs to be deliverable! From groceries to medications to fast food! People are confined to their homes but still want the comforts of their day-to-day life! Can your business offer something that can be delivered? Or perhaps your new income source will be to start delivering for local restaurants! Uber drivers are in high demand these days!
3. Is it essential: The other trend has become "the essentials". Cute or funny or trendy masks are all the rage since they are the new accessory! Or perhaps adding some wonderful scents to some hand sanitizer and offering some aroma-therapy while sanitizing is right up your alley. Whatever your idea may be, the minute it fits in line with the essentials necessary for day-to-day COVID-19 life, it becomes a fantastic business idea!
4. How crafty are you?: Do you have a hidden talent for arts & crafts? Or do you simply love to knit? Setting up your own business on Etsy is quick and easy and you can be selling your wares in the blink of eye! People love unique items and Etsy has been gaining in popularity for years now. It’s the perfect time to finally blend what you love and what can help you make money!

Of course, these are just a small sub-section of the myriad of things that can be done during these weird and uncertain times. We know that many of us are stressed, scared, uncertain or anxious. But if we all come together to help each other through these trying times, we will be able to come out of this pandemic as a stronger society – with new and innovative businesses that are ready to thrive in the post-COVID-19 age.

No matter your situation, no matter what you are currently going through, iCASH can help unemployed Canadians get loans. We offer short term loans that are funded within 2 minutes of being approved.