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One of the spookiest, eeriest, most haunting days of the year is quickly approaching. Between getting the kids equipped with their chosen costume and buying all the candy and decorations, your budget is probably taking a huge hit! Especially following so closely on the heels of hosting that Thanksgiving dinner (hopefully you took the time to read our blog about Top Tips for Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget!)

Whether you are looking for interesting and original costume ideas for the kids, whether you want to win the title of Most Creative Costume at your office or workplace, or whether you have been invited to the Halloween party of the year and want to make a splash, this blog is a must read! Especially if having the best costume of the year is clashing with your wallet (who is screaming for an old sheet with some cut out eye holes!)


Fake News:

This one is simply brilliant! Not only is it trendy and highly relevant, but it is super simple (and cheap) to make as well! You don’t even need to be all that crafty! Simply grab some old newspapers and some black face paint. Write the word “FAKE” across your forehead with the face paint and then pin the rolled-up pages of newspaper all over your clothing. Voila! A super trendy and unique costume!


Laurel or Yanny:

Unless you lived under a rock during 2018, you certainly heard the debate between whether one hears “Laurel” or “Yanny” in a robotic voice recording. This costume is not only easy to DIY, but it is fun and creative as well. It is sure to be a huge hit and re-spark the hot debate! Simply don a white t-shirt and, using fabric specific markers, write “Yanny” in green on one side and “Laurel” in pink on the other side. Keep the green and pink fabric markers on hand so that your co-workers or fellow Halloween partyers can weigh in throughout the night and cast their votes (on your shirt!). It is such a fun, interactive and, of course, trendy costume!

Snapchat Filters:

We all enjoy those cutesie snapchat filters as much as the next guy, so why not turn them into fun costumes? They are easy to make yourself, extremely inexpensive and you can be a life-size, real-life snapchat filter! Imagine what a great Facebook profile picture that would make! Here are some ideas for some of the easier, more popular filter costumes:

  • Bejeweled Filter: simply grab some jewel rhinestone stickers at your local arts and crafts store and stick them all over your face (following the same configuration as the snapchat filter). Grab some hot pink lipstick and you are all set!
  • Adorable Dog Filter: Everyone has, at one time or another, been the “adorable dog” as a picture. To recreate this costume, buy a doggy ears headband, and then print out the large, snapchat doggy tongue and nose. Cut out the tongue and nose and glue onto cardboard pieces. Stick the nose onto your nose with some face-tape and stick the tongue onto a long chopstick that you can hold in front of your mouth. SO CUTE!
  • Pop Art Painting Filter: This one is very easy to make and extremely inexpensive. However, you need to have a bit of skill in the fine art of makeup! All you need to buy is some colorful face paint and, using a fine paintbrush, follow the lines of your face using black paint. You can follow a tutorial on how to accomplish the makeup here: Pop Art Painting Tutorial.

Unicorn Pool Float:

2018 became the year of the unicorn pool float! It seemed that everyone had one, even people that didn’t own a pool! So why not turn this fad into an awesome, creative and cheap costume? All you need is a unicorn headband (with the horn), a white body suit and shiny silver or white leggings, angel wings, a rainbow colored “tail”, some fuzzy slippers and white plastic cups. Use the plastic cups as “hooves” and you are all set! Extra points if you manage to find some rainbow-colored arm floaties!


Everyone loves a cute pun! And the bonus about getting creative with the punny costumes is that they are, more often than not, quite cheap!



Such a fun, fashionable, and inexpensive costume! Wear any shirt or article of clothing that says “Prada” on the front. Of course, to keep this costume inexpensive, the shirt would have to be a simple t-shirt with the word PRADA printed on it and not an actual Prada shirt! And then grab a devil horn headband and a devil trident!


Oh this one is adorable! Buy some cheerleader pom-poms and make a few triangle flags that you can wave around with the word “CEILING” written on them. Bonus if you grab a black fabric marker and write “GO CEILINGS GO!”


Dress up as a surfer with a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts (bonus if you can borrow a surfboard from a friend!) And, at your local Halloween store, buy some of the cheap spider webs and put them all over your outfit. Now you are a web surfer!


Nothing could be simpler, or cuter for a couple! One of you grabs a duck bill and dresses all in yellow and the other one tapes a large cardboard magnet to his/her shirt! How cute is that?

These costumes are so simple to make, so inexpensive, and yet so brilliant that they are sure to be a hit at any party or while trick-or-treating! If you need some help with your Halloween budget this year, don’t hesitate to contact! We wish you a safe and happy Halloween!