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icash Nov 12, 2020

What You Should Know About iCASH

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What You Should Know About iCASH

Loans at Your Fingertips

One lesson this year has brought is the importance of being able to do a task virtually. Now, along with work, school, and catching up with friends and family, applying for a loan can be done virtually. iCASH provides an online application process for Canadians to apply for same-day loans from anywhere.


Apply in Real-Time

Our regular schedules have already been thrown off quite a bit, and the last thing anyone wants is to be thrown off more. When you need to make a payment quickly, there’s no time for filling out and sending forms and waiting days or weeks to hear if you’ve been approved. The whole process of applying for a personal loan with iCASH takes just minutes of your time.

Our system is advanced, fully-automated, and requires no documents. After signing an electronic contract, you can expect an e-Transfer in less than five minutes, including on weekends and holidays.

Easy to Pay

While some lenders may look solely at a person’s credit score or include lofty interest rates, iCASH ensures an easy process for anyone with good repayment capacity. Our repayment plans allow Canadians to choose to pay back a loan in one, two, or three equal payments, and no matter what plan is chosen, the interest rate stays the same.

What to use iCASH for

Sometimes you need money right away. Not every purchase is a house or a car, which comes with lengthy consideration. When you or a loved one encounter an unexpected health or financial issue, you find yourself a bit off your usual budget or falling behind on bills, holidays are approaching and you need extra money, or something along these lines, it’s worth looking into getting a payday loan. This way you can this quick cash you need when you need it, and simply pay it back shortly after.


How iCASH is Different

Not everyone has the credit history that banks expect. This can often hold people back from meeting their financial obligations and keep them from building credit. Payday loans from direct lenders are for people from various financial backgrounds and offer low risk.

By looking at more than just a credit score, iCASH provides Canadians opportunities to build their credit that they might not have otherwise. The loans are secure, so there’s no added collateral risk, and interest rates are based on where you live, not what your credit history looks like.

There’s a lot that sets iCASH apart from riskier bank loans. When you’re in need of quick financial support or an opportunity to build credit, iCASH is available no matter the time or day.

With a quick and easy virtual process, Canadians can borrow up to $1,500 in just minutes, with low risk and interest rates. Head to our website today to get started on one of our easy online applications.