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Love is in the air yet again! We are quickly approaching that red-tinted, pink-hued time of year where romance reigns supreme. The time of year when the greeting card and chocolate industries hear the cha-ching of the cash registers and we cave to the pressure of the season! That’s right – it’s Valentine’s Day!

As cynical as that sounds, Valentine’s Day is actually a wonderful moment when we can remind our significant other just how much they mean to us. Our lives are so fast-paced and intense that February 14th should be used as a reminder to stop and remember just what is the most important thing in our lives - love. And this should not only be for romance and couple-hood! For the singles out there, there are some wonderful ways to take the time to remember the love that you have in your life – from your family and friends!

This is a great time to put the focus on love, in all of its many, wondrous forms! Here are some great ways to celebrate this official Love Day, for singles or couples, without breaking the bank!


If you are looking for fun, yet inexpensive ways to show your sweetie just how much they mean to you, you have come to the right place! Romance is about speaking from the heart – not from the wallet! So here are some great ways to show your love without going broke:

Romantic Movie Night:

Is there anything more romantic than some of the classic, most romantic movies of all time? From Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Sense and Sensibility, and Singing in the Rain to Titanic, When Harry Met Sally, and the Notebook. There is no lack of inspiration to download an all-time favorite, curl up on the couch with your dearest with some popcorn and candy and turn the lights down low. What more could anyone possibly ask for in terms of romance?!? And the best part is the price…
Price: under $10

Who Can Say No to Dancing:

Who in their right mind doesn’t find dancing to be one of the most romantic things possible?!?! Why not treat your significant other to a salsa or tango class? Those two styles of dance are literally the most romantic ways two people can move their bodies! Taking a dance class is also a great way to rekindle the romance and show your loved one just how much they mean to you! (Plus it’s a great workout!)
**Price: between $20 - $30 for a drop-in dance class. **

Living Room Picnic:

Who says you can’t plan a picnic in Canada in the middle of February??!! You just need to have a bit of creativity and put some thought into it! All you need is a nice, cozy blanket, a well-thought out platter of veggies, fruits, nuts and cheeses and a beautiful bottle of your favorite wine! For the cost of a bottle of wine and some food, you have yourself one of the most romantic dinners ever!
Price: wine + food = less than $30

Paint Night:

If the fast pace of dancing the night away is simply not your thing, why not opt for the next most sensual item on the “Romance 101” list: painting! The slowness of the brush strokes, the quiet romance that fills the air, sigh … Paint Nights can be quite dreamy! So why not surprise your honey with a soft and sensual paint night at your local coffee shop! It is a night filled with dreamy closeness – guaranteed!
Price: $20 - $40


As mentioned above, Valentine’s Day is not only for couples! Love, in all its many forms, should be celebrated equally! Whether you are a single parent or single with some fur-babies, or single living alone, there is something to be celebrated for everyone!

Single Parent:

Heading home on a Thursday after a long day of work, picking up the kids, and getting through the same weekday routine sounds like it would be impossible to turn into an evening worthy of St-Valentine! But we have thought of everything! A simple dinner can easily be turned into a night to remember. What about having a fondue night with the kids? Or, if they are too young for the hot oil dinner, perhaps heart-shaped calzones or grilled cheese. has some inventive ideas for kid-friendly Valentine’s Day recipe ideas to try out. But no matter the supper recipe you choose, either make a heart shaped cake or pick up some cute Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes to top off the evening! It will be a family-love filled night that your kids will remember for a long time to come!
Price: $15 for food ingredients and cupcakes.

Single with fur-babies:

Are you looking for a relaxing night celebrating your self-love (with a little appreciation for your dear furry friend)? Why not grab your pet and head over to your local pet-friendly coffee shop? Pick up an extra heart-shaped treat and have a special night appreciating the love that you have in your life!
Cost: under $15 for coffee + treat


Valentine’s Day should not be this morbid day of remembering that you are single. Valentine’s Day is about love, which is abundant wherever we choose to look. Whether it comes in the form of wonderful family, great friends, supportive co-workers or love-of-self, it is no less valued in the eyes of Saint Valentine. So go on and grab your besties or even go out alone and celebrate who you are and all that is wonderful about you. One of my most favorite things to do is “take myself on a date”. I will literally go by myself to a restaurant without my telephone or any other device and enjoy spending time with me. Whether you choose to do this by yourself or with others, at a restaurant or a coffee shop or sitting in a park or even at home with a cozy blanket and a nice glass of wine, celebrating yourself is more romantic than anything else you can choose to do.
Price: FREE (plus the cost of the activity)

No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, remember what the day is actually about. It is not about spending money or going broke. It is not about expensive restaurants and fancy chocolates. It is a day that is about celebrating love and showing those around you how much you love them (and yourself)! But if you need a little extra cash to help you out this Valentine's Day, is available 24/7 - even on the most romantic holiday of the year!

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