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single parent loans Jun 09, 2021
Raising a child on a single income isn't easy. When it comes to parenting, it's great to have your partner help out with the bills. iCASH is here to help you out with some life hacks to make it easier.... Read more

credit history Jun 04, 2021
Credit report errors harm your creditworthiness, so iCASH put together the 5 most common credit report errors and how to check your report. There are many benefits to knowing how to check so let's dive in.... Read more

May 26, 2021
One of the first things children learn about money is how to spend it, especially at a young age. However,... Read more

Credit Score in Canada May 10, 2021
Learn how to improve your credit score, as even a few points can save you hundreds on interest and allow for a lower monthly payment. iCASH has put together 5 points to get you started.... Read more

savings May 03, 2021
Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone will ever experience. But it is also one of the most expensive (yikes!). Here are a few simple adjustments to your financial habits to get back on track to financial health!... Read more

job search May 03, 2021
The workforce is changing, here are the top 10 high paying jobs for Canadians without a degree. Gone are the days of choosing between a few career paths and having to go to school for years.... Read more

bad credit loans Apr 26, 2021
Learn about 7 ways to overcome bad credit and qualify for a loan with iCASH. While your fear of not qualifying is valid, having poor credit doesn't mean you can't get a loan.... Read more

emergency loan Apr 19, 2021
What is an emergency fund and why do you need one? Learn how to build your emergency fund quickly with these 5 easy tips from online lender iCASH.... Read more