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icash Apr 19, 2018


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Extra! Extra! iCash has exciting news! We are now fully launched and operational in British Columbia and Alberta. We are thrilled to have finally made it all the way to the great Canadian West!

And some of you may be wondering why we have been licensed in those provinces for quite some time yet we are only announcing this launch now. And that is a very valid pondering! The answer comes down to quality of service. We could have thrown the doors wide open several months ago but we wanted to make sure our Customer Experience Team was fully trained and ready to take on the additional traffic. iCash prides itself on being MORE than just a company for accessing some fast cash. We truly wish to connect with our clients and help out wherever we can. That kind of service requires time, training, and the right Customer Experience team standing by to take your requests.

So now that we are primed and ready, permit us to take a moment to outline for you what makes iCash different:

  1. e-Transfers: iCash can now officially say that same-day funds deposits are pretty much guaranteed. As long as your bank accepts e-Transfers, we send transfers every 30 minutes! That is the fastest on the market today. We know that speed is of the essence in times of financial crisis so we made sure that we were as fast as physically possible in depositing those emergency funds!
  2. Fully Licensed: Online payday lenders and cash advances are scary. We know that. There are scammers that unfortunately make the entire industry look bad. But iCash is different. Not only are we fully licensed to operate in every province in which we do business, but we also adhere to an internal Ethical Code of Conduct that governs all of our business dealings. Which leads us directly into point #3.
  3. Ethical and honest: Our internal Ethical Code of Conduct (which can be found here) is used as a guideline not only in our customer dealings, but also in all of our business decisions and internal processes. We have modeled our Code of Conduct on the European model which is based on transparency, honesty, and simplicity.
  4. Security: Our team of IT geniuses have created a lending platform that is simple and easy to use, mobile friendly, but most of all: secure! iCash spared no expense in making sure that our platform uses the state-of-the-art encryption in order to keep your personal information safe. We know that sharing personal information is scary. That is why we keep it safe, and we never share or sell any information that is provided to us. Your information is used solely in the loan approval process.
  5. No hidden fees: We make sure that all of our fees are clearly stated at the beginning of the loan process. We do not add any brokerage fees nor do we add additional interest for installment payments. What you see is what you get. Our contracts are straightforward and are written in clear, easy-to-understand language. If there are any questions during the application process, our team of Customer Experience Advisors are available to help.

While it may have taken us a bit of time to get all the way out West, we are more than excited to be here now. We truly feel as though we are now able to offer the top-quality service and financial solutions that have made iCash the top choice for Canadians. We simply cannot wait to show Alberta and British Columbia just how happy we are to be serving them!